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The Six Fix: Things You Should Ponder Upon Before Shifting Courses In College

The Six Fix: Things You Should Ponder Upon Before Shifting Courses In College


By Angeline Cheng

Imagine this: You’re madly, deeply in love with the course you’re taking, you’re super excited on the career that lies ahead of you after graduation, your grades are skyrocketing; all of course because you’re happy with what you’re doing.

Except that all of these doesn’t feel true at all. And yes, that’s exactly why you’re reading this right now.

Before you start concluding that you indeed loathe your course, and it’s high time for you to start switching to something that speaks to you more, here are the things you need to muse upon first:

1. When you envision yourself in this field you’re taking after graduation, how does it make you feel?

One tell-tale sign that your course is simply not for you is when you try to imagine yourself working in that specific field of study and end up feeling unhappy or unsatisfied about it. When the passion simply isn’t there anymore (or hasn’t really been there,) and you’re thinking you’ll find happiness somewhere else, then it’s a major red flag that you need to start deciding now if shifting courses will be for the best.

2. Are those negative feelings about your course consistent or temporary?

Take a trip back down the memory lane and be truly honest with yourself. Are those sentiments of distaste towards your current course a foreign feeling, or has it been a constant nagging on your insides? You have to thoroughly assess those negative hunches because you might be just too carried away with all the pressures and stress you’re feeling in the heat of the moment. If it’s a foreign feeling to you, chances are, it will just eventually vanish into thin air when the stressful period is over. However, when the feeling has been all too familiar, then maybe it’s time to consider the other course options you have in mind.

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3. Will switching from your current discipline to another one make everything better?

In conjunction to analyzing what you’re truly feeling about your course, you also have to consider the bigger picture and the effects that changing courses may bring you in the long run. Do not let yourself succumb to your current dilemmas and make rash, poorly thought-out, and impulsive decisions about it. Weigh all the pros and cons behind staying and leaving, and make sure you a have a clear head when you do. Also, it will be such a huge help if you will ask opinions from other people, too.

4. Does your prospect course align with your strengths and who you want to become in life?

Let’s face it, you need to be practical in this decision that you’ll be making, after all, your future career and your whole life are on the line. Know your capabilities and strengths, and acknowledge the weaknesses that you have. For example, you are thinking of shifting from Engineering to Mass Communication. If you know that you handle Mathematics like a real pro but have terrible writing and communication skills, then maybe you’re not setting your limits straight, do you? As stressful as it is right now in your current field of study, shifting to another one that’s totally out of your league will induce double the hassle in the future, not to mention the large probability of you shifting to another course yet again.

5. Are you ready for the consequences that changing courses may bring?

Any decision has its set of consequences, and you have to be fully prepared for it all. Before you try shifting, lay down all the possible effects it may bring, plan things through, and evaluate if the advantages outweigh all the risks this decision will entail. To earn something, you need to give up something, so you have to keep in mind all the setbacks and constraints you and your family may face, especially on the financial aspect.

6. Is this the course that you want to take up in the first place?

Many of us aren’t lucky enough to pursue our dream course, and if ever you are one of the lucky persons to differ from this, then maybe transferring to another course is a bad road to traverse. There’s a reason why you’ve chosen this field of study, and if this is your first love, then maybe you’re just a little too overwhelmed with all the stress. A little self-evaluation session helps, especially in finding that spark of passion you once had that ignited you into this.

On the other hand, if this has been not your dream at all, more so when you can’t see yourself in this field in the future, you need to return back to your core and pursue that thing that entices you the most.

At the end of the day, you pave the way towards constructing your future, so every step you take towards choosing your career path should align to what you envision yourself to be a few years from now. All, of course, while practically balancing your capabilities, may it be in the skills department or financial-wise.

As much as you want to experiment on what course will fit into your life like a puzzle piece, know that shifting courses will only lead to two things: fitting into it or suffering from regrets. We sure do hope that you’ll end up on the first one if ever you do shift, so decide wisely.

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