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In Focus: 7 Of Our Favorite RM & Jackson's BFF Moments

In Focus: 7 Of Our Favorite RM & Jackson's BFF Moments


RM and Jackson aren't just fellow rappers and English-speaking idols; they are best of friends, too! They started bonding during their trainee days and have remained close buddies ever since. Sure, they came from different groups (BTS and GOT7, respectively,) but that didn't stop them from sharing mutual love for each other. Perhaps, theirs is one of the most beautiful friendships that ever happened in the history of K-pop.

Some might see their bond as one-sided with Namjoon acting cold and not showy in front of Jackson, and Jackson often jokingly complaining about it. But we think that these differences are exactly what make their friendship balanced and worth keeping. Besides that, it's really hard to pinpoint what our favorite things about them are but at least allow us to drop their shared moments that we love the most!

1. Joon and Jackson both won the rapper of the year award when they battled it out at variety program Problematic Men. But it's basically Jackson begging for his friend not to diss him that got them the victory. Peak cuteness!

2. When the two did the honor of saving us the work and making up their ship name, we knew we'd love them no matter what. Idols, take notes from JackMonster, we mean, RapSon. Or maybe we could go with NamSon?

3. Yep, Jackson called Joon while appearing on the reality show The Taste of Others just because he wanted to ask what he's doing and he missed him. And that is enough reason to make us see how genuine their friendship is.

4. Both had a dream to attend American music shows and, just like what they deserve, made it happened at one point in 2017—together! We can imagine the two of them whispering to each other and fanboying over their faves. Goals, obviously!

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5. Their schedules don't always allow them to meet up. They're always in different parts of the world furthering their music. But that distance won't cause them to forget each other's special day. And between friends, that means a lot.

6. Jackson just pulled off the best compliment he can gave to Namjoon: the best life adviser. The truth is, it's not everyday we'll find a friend who willingly listens and gives us words of wisdom to help us get through the day. In short, we're not Jackson.

7. We have to admit, BTS and GOT7's collab stage during 2015 MAMA was a dream come true. Game for Part 2?

True friends are rare to find, as rare as it is for Jackson and RM to have time to go out together and catch up, especially now that they're busy conquering the world. It doesn't matter because we know that when they did, it'll always unfailingly remind us why we want to be friends with them both in the first place!

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