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In Focus: 5 Positive Qualities of the Young Generation as Part of the Work Force

In Focus: 5 Positive Qualities of the Young Generation as Part of the Work Force


Nobody can single us out as the only ones who rushed to get through school, graduate and finally be able to work. It's every kid of the 21st century generation's kind of dream, but can you blame us? It would be fun, liberating, and refreshing, we thought, until we actually experienced and threw ourselves into the real world. But before you cry out your regrets, allow us to at least try and give you reason to live up to your young hopes: you're doing great!

You might feel discontented with your job, anxious that you are performing less than what you expected, and overthinking if you aren't doing the work force any good. Well, rest assured that you do in ways that don't just involve intelligence and talents but also character—by just being yourself. Here, we break down your positive qualities that contribute to the real world that you probably don't even notice:

You are motivated by passion.

It's not always the salary that keeps you sitting at your desk for eight hours but also your desire to get the tasks given to you done at the same time fulfill what your heart wants. You do that without thinking of pretending to call in sick because for you, it's passion above anything else.

You value quality over quantity.

Likewise, you cut yourself some slack when it comes to the number of output you make and instead focus on the level of worth it presents. You don't settle for less—a characteristic that passion can trigger.

You are ambitious.

Dream big is your everyday mantra. To be a degree-holder, top in your chosen field, a billionaire—you believe it's possible to achieve anything as long as you have determined eyes set on it. And so that's what you do, even if it starts with years of commuting and following orders at work.

You are outspoken.

Seriously, your generation has the most creative juices and you find it very rewarding to have your ideas be shared and have yourself credited for a job well done. Given you are raised with the right to be heard, you always make it point to get your thoughts out there. 

You make sure there's work-life-balance.

Some people tend to work double or more because they feel the need to do so in order to earn and succeed fast. You also want the same but making sure that you don't get burnt out matters more to you. This is why work hour flexibility is something that you consider when  looking for a job. You work hard, but you understand the importance of living a life outside of it. 

Working (and adulting in general) is hard but if there's one good thing that millennials and Gen Z-ers got out of it, it's the ability to contribute to the working environment and, somehow, shake it up to make it even better. We hope everyone can find it in themselves to take inspiration from these young dreamers. You won't regret it.

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