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Daily Diaries: What It Truly Means to "YOLO"

Daily Diaries: What It Truly Means to


By Maan de Vera

It has been years since the term “you only live once” or YOLO has been made popular by Drake’s “My Motto,” yet we still hear people utter this expression whenever they are about to do something risky. Be it sending that message to your crush who’s already in a relationship, downing that 10th shot of tequila, or attending your class while running on 2 hours of sleep, we face these situations with a YOLO mindset and hope for the best.

But what does it actually mean anyway? Here's a quick real talk about YOLO-ing:

1. All of your actions have consequences.

More often than not, all we need is a little courage to take the step into the unknown path that would lead us to where we aspire to be. However, the reality is that every step we take is a gamble, and this won’t always pay off. Doing something out of YOLO isn’t an assurance that things will work out in your favor; it should only mean that you are willing to take the consequences of your decisions.

2. You won’t always have a second chance.

We tend to put things aside thinking that we aren’t ready for it yet. As much as we only live once, there are also opportunities that come by only as often as that. While preparation is important, wouldn’t all the time and energy we’ve exhausted in conditioning ourselves be rendered useless once we realize that our chance has already passed? To YOLO is to face these head on and to embrace the possibility of failure that comes with it.

3. Live a life that you truly enjoy.

Ask yourself these questions: Do you base your life decisions on the opinion of others? Will you be doing what you’re doing now if you don’t have to consider anyone but yourself? If you’re answer is no, then you need to take a step back and reconsider your choices. Come to think of it, you only have one shot to live a life that you actually love. Go for it. #YOLO.

So the next time you hear someone yell YOLO, remember that it is more than just taking shallow risks and embrace that you, in fact, only live once so make it count (whatever that may mean for you.)

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