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In Focus: Celebs Who Have Opened Up About Their Mental Health Journey

In Focus: Celebs Who Have Opened Up About Their Mental Health Journey



When it comes to mental health awareness, we can confidently say that our society is finally progressing. We've become more active in taking care of our mental health and helping those who are struggling with it. As the fight against mental health stigma continues in our country, more celebrities are opening up about their struggles and how they started to heal. 

We all know that talking about mental health isn't an easy conversation to have because it takes courage to voice out your struggles, especially if you're someone who spends most of their time in the public eye. That's why we certainly admire these celebrities who bravely opened up about their mental health journey!

1. Nadine Lustre

One of the local celebs who have opened up about struggling with depression is Nadine Lustre who posted a long letter on Instagram talking about it after the death of her brother in 2017. She shared the ups and downs of her healing journey, saying that there had been days she spent just sitting in her bathtub feeling bad because she's not good enough. She's still in the process of healing until now, but Nadine isn't ashamed of being open to her family, friends, and fans anymore because she knows the only validation that she'll ever need from now on is the one from herself. 

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2. Ylona Garcia

Ylona Garcia was hospitalized last year after feeling extremely emotionally stressed from hateful comments on her social media accounts. She shared a statement on Twitter saying that she wishes everyone could spread love more than hate online because people who get disrespected can only stay tough for so long, along with a picture of her in a wheelchair. She tweeted this with the hashtag #PleaseSpreadLove to make everyone aware and be more careful, not just to her but to everyone so close to breaking down. 

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3. Kiana Valenciano

"If you're going through something, don't be afraid to let people in. Let your loved ones love you," shared by Kiana Valenciano in an Instagram post last year while explaining the reason behind her new tattoo. She revealed that she was dealing with anxiety and depression back in 2016, which made it a challenging year for her. It even reached to the point that she started hurting herself physically. Fortunately, with her faith and the help of her loved ones, she dealt with her anxiety in the healthiest way possible. The tattoo on her neck serves as a reminder that if she can overcome that problem, she can overcome anything. 

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4. Kylie Verzosa

Miss International 2016 Kylie Verzosa had suffered from depression even before she joined the Binibining Pilipinas pageant. She shared that even if there's nothing wrong with her life, she felt empty and had no will to live, which lasted for months. Thankfully, her parents guided her through it since one of them had a similar experience. She's been actively advocating for mental health awareness and started her foundation promoting mental health called "Mental Health Matters" to help those people who are having a hard time speaking about it.

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5. Jasmine Curtis-Smith

One of the wisest actresses in the industry, Jasmine Curtis-Smith was diagnosed with anxiety and depression since she was a child. She wasn't able to talk about it to people because she thought that no one would understand, so she let herself feel that way. Since she kept it all to herself, she grew up empathizing with other people that she didn't notice she's already deeply hurting inside. That's why when she did, she spent most of her time going to therapy and reading self-help books. There are still days when she's having a hard time, but she's getting better as each day passes by. 

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6. Sofia Andres

It was just last May 2018 when actress Sofia Andres opened up about her mental health, she revealed on her Instagram that she is suffering from anxiety. Sofia had intense panic attacks which is the reason why she took a short break from showbiz to start attending counseling and therapy. She was scared to tell her loved ones about her condition, but when she got the courage to do so, she felt braver to ask for professional help.

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It is refreshing and encouraging to see these celebrities use their powerful platforms to spread mental health awareness. They've owned their struggles by speaking up and inspiring other people with their journey. Let this be a reminder to you that if you're currently struggling with your mental health, you're not alone. If these celebs can heal, so can you. 

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