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#ChalkAsks: What's Your Understanding of an Open Relationship?

#ChalkAsks: What's Your Understanding of an Open Relationship?


While we've made it pretty clear in our heads that Ansel Elgort and her seven-year high school sweetheart Violetta Komyshan would be end game, the two have meanwhile agreed to make their romance as open as possible. Meaning, Ansel should be free to fall in love with other women minus the sex.

Can this non-traditional setup be feasible without ruining your main relationship? Without taking it farther? No strings attached? We asked around with a goal to figure out or at least have an outlook on where millennials stand when it comes to open relationships, and here's what we found: 

"An open relationship is a relationship where both parties agree to partake in sexual activities with other people." -Soy, 24

"To be honest, dalawa yung pagkakaintindi ko sa open relationship. First, ang open relationship ay being with someone pero may agreement kayo both na pwede kayong mag-explore outside of that relationship. Parang yung main partner is a constant tapos kapag may needs yung isa na hindi maibigay ng partner, specifically siguro yung sexual or physical need, pwede siyang humanap ng ibang tao outside ng current relationship niya. Yung isa naman, open relationship, hindi mahigpit yung mag-partner sa isa't-isa. Like pwede siyang pumunta kahit saan, suotin yung kahit ano, lumabas with kahit kanino. Kumbaga mas free lang." - Rowie, 23

"Open relationship is a committed relationship between two persons who've also agreed to sleep with or date other people. O kaya who've also given consent to each other to date around." -Yazhmin, 23

"Sa'kin kasi 'pag sinabing open relationship, kayo pero hindi exclusive. Like at the end of the day, you have each other pero it also means na you're allowed to meet other people as well. Ginagawa usually ngayon ng couples na medyo matagal na, love mo yung partner mo pero 'di kayo completely sure both kung eto na ba talaga yung gusto niyo for the rest of your lives kaya nageexplore kayo ng options niyo. Iba-iba kasing kind. May open relationship na for meeting others lang, meron din naman na for exploring sexually. Depende siya always sa needs nung couple." - Pam, 22

"It's a relationship where both parties are seeing someone, except themselves. 'Seeing someone' can mean dating, casual sex, etc. depending on their agreement, with the consent of their partners." - Mark Nicole, 26

"Open relationships yung nagco-consent kayo pareho sa pagiging sexual or romantic partners sa ibang mga tao hindi lang exclusive sa inyong dalawa." - James, 24

"It's something that's not for me. It's not for everyone perhaps. It's a weird set up kasi for my liking. I just can't imagine myself and my partner having encounters with different individuals kahit may consent pa ng both parties. There's no judgement, of course, against those who find it ok. If they find it beneficial sa relationship nila, then why not. It calls for a different level kasi of trust. And as someone with trust issues, mahirap maging comfortable thinking that the next person na mameet ng partner mo can possibly cost you the same relationship you're trying to keep." - Paolo, 25

"My understanding of an open relationship is when two people are not exclusively dating each other. They can see other people while dating one another." - Gillan, 23

For the most part, we learned that open relationship and exclusivity shouldn't be used in the same sentence. But perhaps terms run differently between people. Whether it's a threat or a benefit to modern couples out there, well, it's not our place to judge.

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