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Hot Stuff: 5 Ways K-Pop Megagroup SuperM Floored Us With Their Debut

Hot Stuff: 5 Ways K-Pop Megagroup SuperM Floored Us With Their Debut


When we first heard about SM Entertainment's plan to create a supergroup that consists of members from the agency's existing boy groups, we all had mixed feelings about it. But now that SuperM just dropped their US debut, whatever sort of doubt we previously had was crushed. With their title track "Jopping," Baekhyun, Kai, Taemin, Lucas, Taeyong, Mark, Ten floored us with powerful visuals, next-level talent, and overall stunning charisma that no other group possesses.

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Here, we're rounding up in detail just how hard we're stanning SuperM right now:

1. The concept is genius.

The Avengers of K-pop? Well, at first, it's sounded kind of corny—let's be honest. But the way SuperM showcases this Marvel-inspired concept to us with each member representing the best of the best while acting like "gladiators or warriors on stage" (as Mark puts it,) we can now say that we were more than sold. We never knew that K-pop needs "saving," but SuperM might have just done exactly that.   

2. They nailed the overall production of "Jopping."

Starting from the hair-raising intro that teases you to what feels like an action-packed film  you'd only see in the silver screen followed by the sound of a cheering crowd, SuperM's music video got us hooked from the beginning with its dsytopic feel that perfectly complements their "Avengers" theme. The stage scenes are certainly a foreboding of how SuperM is set to change the game when it comes to K-pop performances. Can we all agree that there's no reason not to be bopping to "Jopping?" A powerful track, we been knew! 

3. The 4-minute dance break took our breaths away.

SuperM's leader Baekhyun said that SuperM's choreographies are so complex that it feels like they're having a dance break during the entire song, and boy was he right. Right from Kai's superior intro down to Taeyong's center moment as they bring the song home, these idols are dancing machines, proving that K-pop is no joke at all.

4. Their visuals are god-tier.

It's no secret that SM Entertainment is the master of scouting the most visually appealing artists, so it's no surprise that SuperM's level of visuals is unlike any other. Our eyes have been well fed all throughout the video. And we're betting that you also took screenshots of Lucas' close-up moments, didn't you?

5. They're brimming with talent.

SuperM is a powerhouse of talent, and this is exactly why stanning them is inevitable. Yes, they are good dancers, but they're also great performers. Mark's on-fire rapping skills? Taemin's smooth, honey-like vocals? And let's not forget to mention: Baekhyun's pitch-perfect bridge and glorious high note in the last chorus—we literally saw god. Now, who's ready for a live performance?

Whether your opinion about SuperM has been changed or not, there's really no stopping this group from lighting the global stage up. According to Baekhyun, they're about to take K-pop to the next level, and we don't doubt that they will.

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