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In Focus: 5 Questions You Should Never Ask A Millennial

In Focus: 5 Questions You Should Never Ask A Millennial


Life right now is by no means easy for millennials. We tend to be more ambitious, perceptive, and vulnerable than previous generations so we feel pressured by everything and get triggered by anything. It makes achieving certain milestones challenging and, at times, seem impossible.

This brings us back to the topic of millennial struggles. While going against expectations and stereotypes can be a form of self-discovery, it's less likely for our parents and other established grown ups to understand us. They feel as if we need to always be in control, like them perhaps. But truth be told, life now hardly runs the same way it did during their days. So, for our sanity and actual growth, we hope that we don't hear these pressure-inducing questions ever again:

"Bakit hindi ka pa graduate?"

There are many of us who don't finish college on time. Reasons could be failing grades, shifting courses, or late admission. First off, not all are born that smart. Most of the time, college demands can be pretty tough. And not everybody knows right away what they really want to be. Lastly, maybe consider one's financial capability? Don't make us feel like we're always running out of time.

"Bakit wala ka pang work?"

We've been told millennials are in-demand in the workplace but, chances are, it's not the kind of workplace we're looking for. We know our potentials, we don't settle for less, so we believe that there's a specific job meant for us, one we'll feel satisfied with. Or could it be that it's not the work but the lack of motivation? Maybe you could serve as one or better yet, give us a break.

"Magkano sweldo mo?"

This may sound harmless for the one asking but may hit differently to us. What's the point? To give us advice that we should look for a better paying job, to flatter us, or to compare? We hate to break it to you, but it isn't your business. Thanks, but no thanks.

"Tumaba ka ba?"

Can you blame us if we take this questions the wrong way? No. We're not generalizing it, but we know body shaming when we hear one. Either you're just concern for our health, which is very unlikely, or you're just naturally weight-obsessed, we don't care. We don't know how many times we'll say this, but here we go: stop making it seem like our weight is a measure of our value. BRB, ordering a whole box of pizza all to ourselves.

"Bakit wala ka pang boyfriend?"

Like we said before, millennials are ambitious and goal-centered. Most of us choose to focus on setting purpose for ourselves and actually fulfilling them before anything else. Also, we need a moment to cherish our freedom while we have it. And as far as we know, committing in a relationship isn't a game or did it change overnight while we're sleeping?

In case you didn't know, we are already burdened by our inner struggles as we're lacking or never enough. So we only hope that people would stop nagging at us and making us feel even worse about ourselves. We realized that we're not perfect, but it's on us to find our validation—at least when the time comes.

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