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In Focus: Things Only Those Who Studied In A Public High School Can Relate To

In Focus: Things Only Those Who Studied In A Public High School Can Relate To


By Angeline Cheng

As a proud and bona fide graduate of a public high school, I have witnessed lots of things that make studying in one a worthwhile and memorable journey. Although most of these things are not as pleasant (and sometimes totally gross) unlike studying in a private school, I’m still happy to say that being a representative of the public school population has been an overall wonderful experience, and I wouldn’t want to exchange it for anything.

I’ve listed down below all of the fun things that I remembered, and I know that my co-reps will totally relate, too!

1. Better hold your pee or else…

When the going gets tough, and the call of nature can’t be overlooked anymore, you have really no other choice but to endure the stench battle head on. Inhaling deeply, holding your breath for what it feels like an eternity, and praying that the reek of the muddy floors and pee-sploshed bowls won’t linger in your uniforms would usually get you through. Oh, and have I mentioned that there’s usually no water in the faucet to wash your hands? Yikes!

2. The more, the merrier (especially in overcrowded classrooms!)

With the number of high school students wanting to get free education every year, it’s no wonder that overcrowding of classrooms is very prominent in public high schools. It’s no biggie, though, as the friendships (and learnings) crafted inside those overcrowded rooms are what makes those high school experiences more memorable!

3. Role models? Talk about Section 1 studes!

In public high schools, your section depends upon your average, and each section has a required average bracket. The lower the number of your section, the higher your average is, so might as well consider the Section 1 students as the Einsteins of the batch. Belonging in the cream of the crop section has its pros and cons, of course, and students there are always encouraged and disciplined to be the role models for others to follow. No pressure at all.

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4. Co-curricular activities? We have plenty of those!

With the presence of the English Month, Mathematics Month, and all the months dedicated to the subjects present in high school, those co-curricular activities are a mainstay and practically what keeps the school abuzz and fun. From the slogan and jingle-making contests up to the numerous quiz bees and sports fests, every student can surely find something that piques their interest!

5. Brigada Eskwela

Come one, come all! The required Brigada Eskwela will practically be every student’s ticket towards enrolling in a public high school. It’s a day filled with voluntary cleaning of the school premises just in time before the school season officially starts.

6. Donating cleaning materials

In a school that wouldn’t ask you for anything, it’s a huge help to at least contribute some cleaning materials for the overall welfare of your designated classroom’s cleanliness. From the brooms and coconut husks up to the round rugs and floor waxes, these are contributions any public high school student are required to give.

7. Aircon, you say? We have barely working electric fans, y’all.

If air conditioners are a luxury, then that’s a luxury most public schools can’t afford to have. That’s why if the ceiling fans in the classrooms are blowing at full capacity and are rotating properly, then it’s already something worth being thankful for. #Blessed.

8. Let’s get ready to rumble!

Boxing match who? In public high schools, you don’t have to be in Vegas and spend lots of moolah to witness a boxing or wrestling fight! Instead, you can watch the sparring session of different gals and guys right from the comforts of your classroom windows!


9. Welcome to our ultra-modern and sophisticated computer labs!

Yes, I’m being sarcastic here. In a world of Windows 10, we’re probably in a Windows Vista operating system. Moreover, in the era of flat screen monitors, you’ll definitely see lots of “hunchback” ones blessing our lovely computer subject learning experience. Don’t call our computer laboratories ancient, ‘cause we prefer the term vintage.

Now that I’m past my middle school years, reminiscing all these details of my public high school journey is a rush of nostalgia I am willing to feel again and again.

But behind all of the things I mentioned above, the bonds created while cutting off the school’s growing grass, the meaningful lessons learned while enduring the heat in the classrooms, the curriculars joined inside and outside the school, and the teachers who inspired me to become who I am today are what really makes my public high school experience truly the best of all.

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