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Want to Live a Happy Life? Always Be a Child at Heart, As "Peter Pan" Shows!

Want to Live a Happy Life? Always Be a Child at Heart, As

Never forget, always be a child at heart. That sums up the message of the timeless, in fact, ageless tale of Peter Pan!

It's not that we won't take life seriously or embark on immature escapades; it's giving our lives the serenity, openness, and joy to experience life to the fullest sans the prejudice and disdain.  Amidst our fast-paced lives, where we would worry about school, work, family, and many other things, we should set aside some time for relaxation and enjoyment, whether with friends or family, indeed a "happy thought" we've always treasured as a child.

Both young and old can definitely relate to the classic story of Peter Pan, where everyone gets to rediscover the joys of childhood once again. Peter Pan, the Lost Boys, Tinkerbell, and the Darling children bring us to a time where we would refuse growing up, or even go to school (and work), and just learn to be a parrot and cite a silly rule, as Peter would tell the Lost Boys.

“We all grow up and learn to follow rules. But sometimes, between our sleeping and waking hours, we should stop worrying about going to school, getting a job, supporting a family or thinking about retirement,” remarked choreographer Edna Vida Froilan, who is behind the original Peter Pan production in 1983 and its subsequent restaging in 1986, 1992, 2001, 2010, and 2015.

Peter Pan is one of Ballet Philippines’ definite classics, having been staged six times since 1983, and people would still come and watch the astounding ballet performances again and again. Those two brief hours will definitely refresh any tired and busy soul, both young and old, in an instant. In fact, Vida Froilan’s humor-filled approach to Peter Pan is a good reason why it appeals to audiences spanning several generations.

While the original performers of the 1983 show may be in their 50s or are senior citizens already, but the message of Peter Pan is clear: that we should let go of our worries and burdens, and appreciate the things Neverland has in store for us.

“We don’t grow up; we grow down to the very core of our being by thinking lovely thoughts,” Vida Froilan said in her choreographer’s notes. “We keep going back to the state of unconditional joy.”

You can still catch Peter Pan at CCP’s Tanghalang Nicanor Abelardo until December 13.




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