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In Focus: 4 Times Maine Mendoza Stood Up For Mental Health Awareness

In Focus: 4 Times Maine Mendoza Stood Up For Mental Health Awareness


The details can be hard to explain when talking about mental health. Those who struggle with their inner battles don't always have the courage to be open about their journey. Fortunately, in recent years, we've seen a change in the way people view and discuss mental health especially in the media. This gives us hope that even though this issue is a hard and sensitive topic, we can fight the stigma and have meaningful conversations around it. 

One of the most known public figures who advocate for mental health is television personality Maine Mendoza who's always been brave enough to talk about important issues like this. Here, we list down all the times that Maine Mendoza stood up for mental health awareness and made us feel that we are not alone.

1. When Eat Bulaga's Joey De Leon made remarks about mental health illness...

During the noontime variety show's segment "Juan for All, All for Juan," they had a contestant who shared that she has depression. When Maine was talking to the contestant about her condition, Joey De Leon made a remark and said that the people who say that they're struggling with depression were only pretending. Thankfully, Maine isn't the type of celebrity to stay quiet in a situation like this. She stood up and said, “Depression is not a joke, it's something a lot of people experience especially young people. That's why we should give support to the people who are dealing with this."

2. When she collaborated with Dr. Gia Sison...

Dr. Gia Sison expressed her intention to work with Maine Mendoza when she read the entry of her "Humans Of Barangay" project which featured a story about a girl who loves her mother despite being physically abused by her. The breast cancer survivor doctor stated that she is interested to help those who require financial and medical assistance which surprised Maine that someone went out of their way to support her project. Of course, everyone was delighted to see this inspiring interaction! 

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3. When she gave genuine advice to a fan...

When Maine has free time, she tends to spend more time on her social media account to talk to her fans. Just like other influential people, Maine received a lot of confessions from fans about their mental health. While other celebrities don't usually talk about this topic, Maine didn't mind and proudly gave them a piece of advice. One fan confessed that they're suffering from anxiety attacks and afraid of seeking help. Maine advised:

“Tell your parents about it because they have to know. They're the ones who will help you. One of the simplest things you could do is to have someone to talk to. Opening up about how you feel can help you feel better. And don’t be afraid to seek professional help. There's nothing wrong with asking for one."

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4. When she starred in a telemovie about love and mental health...

After the conversation Joey and Maine had about depression, Eat Bulaga produced their first telemovie with Maine and Alden Richards entitled Love is... where she portrayed the lead character Vivienne who suffers from depression. We don't have a lot of local films that revolve around mental health, which is why this is a breakthrough for the awareness of this advocacy locally.

Maine remains to be one of the most influential celebrities in the industry, and to see her using her popularity for a good cause is refreshing and awe-inspiring. Despite the prevalence of mental health conditions, it’s still hard to open up and ask for help when you most need it. That’s why witnessing her bravery is a significant move towards destigmatizing our struggles with mental health. Let’s all say thank you, Maine! 

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