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In Focus: 6 Crucial Issues That We Should Start Talking About More

In Focus: 6 Crucial Issues That We Should Start Talking About More


Being busy with our own lives, ticking things off our bucket lists, and achieving our personal goals can be the daily grind for most of us. But while we're focusing soley on ourselves, we tend to live in a certain bubble where we forget that the rest of the world can use our help, too.

If we wake up every morning and check our social media accounts to see if there are new celebrity gossips we could talk about with our friends, would that make real positive impact around us? We're not asking you to be a hero. We're simply trying to open you up to the idea that you should start taking responsibility. Just by choosing impactful topics to discuss with your friends or posting about a cause that you care about, you're already making a difference.

If you need a refresher, we listed down the issues we should talk about more these days to make the world a much better place to live in.

1. Mental Health

When our emotional and social well-being is unwell, it affects how we think, feel, and act daily which also determines how we handle situations and make decisions. Sometimes, it's the reason why we hurt other people and ourselves. That's why we need to talk about it more. It can be hard to speak up and even harder to start a conversation with someone because of shame or other forms of negativity. But we have to because it doesn't only help the people who are dealing with it but also for the people who are unaware that they're dealing with it, too. Sometimes, all we need to know is that we're not alone in our struggles.

2. Body Image

The issue of body image is about how someone sees their own and other people's bodies, and what they think about it. When you say something about your own or someone else's body, listen to how you say it. Is it in a positive or negative tone? You might be surprised to know that most people describe what they see physically using the latter, even if there's nothing wrong. It's an on-going issue among young people that needs to be talked about more often. We aren't perfect, but our imperfections don't make us any less beautiful or worthy.

3. Climate Change

Climate change has been an issue for the past years already, but there are still people who are unaware of it or don't bother to care. Well, climate change is real, and it's worsening by the second. And we have to do something. There are many ways to fight against climate change such as saving energy in our homes, using public transportations, and continuously spreading awareness. After all, this planet is the only home we will ever have, and it's about time we start fighting for its survival.

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4. Gender Equality

It's not about declaring that girls are better than boys, it's about working towards all genders being equal to each other in every way. Whether you're fighting for LGBQT rights or letting the world know about your struggles as a woman, it's all about coming together and eliminating discrimination based on how we identify gender-wise.

5. Bullying

Something that doesn't only happen on campus, bullying comes in many forms no matter your age or environment. It is something that people use to hide their insecurities and make others feel they have lesser power. If you're being bullied growing up (or doing the bullying,) it would take a toll on your mental wellbeing and emotional capacities as you become older. Why don't we just spread kindness and love all around, shall we? 

6. Poverty

Poverty is getting more and more threatening as days go by. Whether a child somewhere in the world is getting sick because of hunger or a someone is unjustly killed just because they are powerless, poverty is reflected in almost every dire situation we see in our society. Whether you're simply giving alms to a beggar on the street or joining rallies to fight anti-poor systems, you have to make a move now more than ever.

Talking about these pressing issues doesn't make our world a better place in a snap. That's why we have to exert consistent efforts and make our voice louder to raise awareness and make a change. Even if you think you're on your own in your fight, don't ever stop or be silenced. Here's to a brighter future ahead of us.

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