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Hot Stuff: New Look, New Tech But Same Reliable Car—That's The Toyota Corolla Altis For Ya!

Hot Stuff: New Look, New Tech But Same Reliable Car—That's The Toyota Corolla Altis For Ya!

Do you remember the feeling of getting your first ever car? Was it brand new? Was it passed on to you by your parents? Do you remember what it was like to drive it along a busy road like EDSA? Driving your car for the first time is probably the scariest but joyful moment rite of passage any teenager or young adult goes through. You plan trips with your friends because you’re officially the driver of the barkada.

For more than 50 years, Toyota has been manufacturing cars that were built to last. But more than producing cars for the entire world, so many memories have been shared through those years and everyone has a story for all the journeys they’ve taken with it. In fact, Toyota CEO Akio Toyoda still uses his 4th Generation Corolla 1600 GT. He says that it was like a best friend to him. “I shared my youth with it! That car showed me the joy of driving. It represented freedom, fun and first forays in the business world,” he shares.

And in 2019, the world’s best-selling car just got an upgrade not just in the looks department but in an all new tech. Which is why this 12th generation Toyota Corolla Altis is dubbed as the New Hybrid Era. Why you ask?

This is what 12 generations of car technology look like with the All-New Corolla Altis

It embodies three of Toyota’s latest technologies. Toyota continues to pursue making ever-better cars and with the All-New Corolla Altis comes three of the latest technologies developed by the car manufacturing company. These are: Hybrid Technology, Toyota New Global Architecture (TNGA) and Toyota Safety Sense (TSS).

“The All-New Toyota Corolla is the first-ever model to be launched in the Philippines that completely embodies our philosophy of ever better cars,” says Toyota Motor Philippines president Satoru Suzuki at their grand launch at The Grand Hyatt.

The top-spec variant is a 1.8V Hybrid Car. One highlight of the All-New Toyota Corolla Altis launch is its latest car model found in the 1.8V Hybrid Car. It’s the perfect entry-point for Filipino customers wanting to shift to HEV technology. It also marks the first time that the Toyota Hybrid technology is available in a mainstream, high-volume model.

And in an effort to provide an avenue for Filipinos to embrace Toyota’s New Hybrid Era, the 1.8V HV variant is competitively priced at PHP 1.58 million. This comes in five colors, and you’ll add Php 15,000 more to get the White Pearl color. It is a deal that’s worth lessening your carbon footprint.

The launch of the 1.8V Hybrid Car is part of the Toyota Environmental Challenge 2050. The launch of the All-New Corolla Altis 1.8V HV variant is in line with the Toyota Environmental Challenge 2050 where the environmental-friendly technology is made accessible to every Filipino and the entire world. If you’re looking into alternative car solutions that are environmentally friendly, Toyota Motor Philippines president Satoru Suzuki has this to say about the launch of the hybrid car: “What you are about to witness today is a major milestone, not just for Toyota but for the entire auto industry. We are extremely proud that in our era, we are seeing the Corolla—considered the best-selling car in the world—transform into a car that helps change the world.”

The Toyota Hybrid Technology tours around the Philippines for students to learn more about it. At the All-New Corolla Altis press conference, Ma. Cristina Fe Arevalo, Toyota Motor Philippines’ First Vice President for Brand & Product Planning revealed that they have been touring universities in the Philippines to share the Toyota Hybrid Technology. The aim of the tour is for students to learn more about the tech and how they can apply it to their future projects.

The All-New Corolla greatly improved on its stability, agility and visibility. More than the new features we’ve been introduced to, the All-New Corolla Altis has greatly improved under TNGA on its stability for its strengthened ring structure, agility with its lower center of gravity, new suspension and supple ride yet responsive handling, and visibility with its exclusively crafted seats and enhanced visibility of driving information displays.

The future of cars, especially of the Toyota Corolla Altis, does sound promising. Sleek and minimalist design meets environmentally-friendly meets reliability. What more can you ask for in a car? There’s a reason why it’s the longest running model of Toyota Motor Philippines since 1989. Future innovations will just keep impressing.

The All-New Corolla Altis is now available at all Toyota dealerships nationwide. For more information on the All-New Corolla Altis, visit TMP’s official website at and follow the official social media pages at (Facebook and Instagram) and

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Photographs courtesy of Toyota Motors Philippines




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