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In Focus: 6 Lessons We Learned From 'The Politician' That They Don't Teach In High School

In Focus: 6 Lessons We Learned From 'The Politician' That They Don't Teach In High School


With all the pressing problems that the youth is experiencing right now, it's nice to have a show you could relate to and possibly help you solve similar problems of your own—that's where the brand new series The Politician comes in. A comedy-drama web television series that premiered last September 27 on Netflix, this coming-of-age gem stars Ben Platt, Gwyneth Paltrow, Jessica Lange, Zoey Deutch, and Lucy Boynton.

The series revolves around how the wealthy Santa Barbarian Payton Hobart, played by Ben Platt, would survive high school while trying to achieve his ambitious goal of becoming the President of the United States. From academic and social pressures to feeling the hopelessness we all experience in adolescence, listed down below are the six ways the series addresses high school problems, and how they survived from it! Hopefully, you can, too. 

Warning: Spoilers ahead!

1. Setting priorities

One of the things that make high school way harder than it already is trying to juggle your priorities with so little time. Payton is an overachiever but because he's on a "singular path" to success, everything else that he does is aligned with his mission to become president. Thankfully his best friends McAfee and James, who also excel at what they do as Payton's campaign advisers, are there to protect him. And the gorgeous gal Alice, his intelligent and confident girlfriend, is his rock. 

2. Being real 

Frenemies Payton and Astrid have one big thing in common, they both don't know how to be "real." In the pilot, it was shown that Astrid doesn't know the difference between being real and looking real. That's why Payton followed his friends' advice and asked Infinity to be his running mate, a sick girl who didn't care about popularity and public opinion before Payton came into her life. Just like Astrid and Payton, align yourself with sincere people who can be trusted and don't let anything (or anyone) turn you into someone you're not. 

3. Feeling lonely

When he's feeling overwhelmed, Payton conjures images of an amazing loved one to calm him down. And his relationship with his mother is not just a great motivation for him to do well to make her proud. It's also a validation for him that he is a great human being who deserves to be loved. Unfortunately, the feeling of loneliness is something high school students (or any human) can't avoid, so it's important to anchor yourself with your loved ones! 

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4. Experiencing rejection

When Payton gets his much-awaited letter from Harvard, his world is turned upside down when he found out that he didn't get the answer that he desires. But instead of going on a downward spiral, he makes it a personal mission to show Harvard why they made a mistake. When people you're surrounded with doubt your capabilities, the only thing left to do is to prove them wrong. 

5. Sibling rivalry

Being the adopted one in a wealthy family, Payton has so much to prove. It's even harder when his brothers always make him feel like he's a good-for-nothing person. Yet instead of competing with his siblings, he blazes his path because he knows that trying to compete with them would just ruin his plans for himself. Just like Payton, always remind yourself to stay focused on your goal because letting unnecessary negativity get the best of you isn't worthwhile.

6. Dealing with all sorts of pressure

With all the academic, peer, and social pressures that we go through during our teen years, high school can be punishing and traumatic. Instead of giving in to the weight of these burdens, Payton embraces all the opportunities that come his way and sees each one as another step towards greatness. Let Payton's experience remind you to look at every challenge as an opportunity because it's only then that you'll see that they are blessings in disguise. 

Whether you view high school as a playground or a road to success, make sure that you have the courage and strength to power through all the struggles that you're facing. Just like in the show, Payton and the rest of the students of Saint Sebastian High School asked for help to better manage the demands being placed upon them—so take this series as a guide to surviving high school!

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