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Daily Diaries: 5 Signs That You Are Holding Yourself Back Because Of Self-Doubt

Daily Diaries: 5 Signs That You Are Holding Yourself Back Because Of Self-Doubt


When self-doubt hits you, it hits you—hard. Throughout our teen years, we tried building confidence in ourselves. It's a win or lose battle, yet we still try. We succeed, at times. But admit it, there are times when you just feel like you're not good enough.

And you know what? It's okay.

It happens to all of us. The fight with our self-esteem is a constant hardship we bring into adulthood, and sometimes, no matter how hard we try, the bad days are as present as there's a rainbow after the storm. But when you find yourself falling trap into inevitable inhibitions, watch out for these signs that hinder you from overcoming unwelcome situations.

1. You succumb to silence instead of speaking up.

There's no better time to lay your thoughts on the table than now. If you're constantly afraid of people's judgment of your ideas and opinions, you'll never get to send your message across. If you hate something, say it. If you think there's a better way of doing, say, an important project, have the courage to offer your thoughts. Trust yourself and just speak up!

2. You do not take credit for your own achievements.

Hey, it's okay to gain recognition in things you've worked hard for. Your talent and skills, combined with diligence and perseverance, are what led you to achieve a feat, and you shouldn't hide from the spotlight. Be proud of yourself—own it!

3. You shy away from compliments.

Someone told you you're pretty, but you turn beet-red and ran away as far as you can. Or someone complimented how graceful you danced during a school performance, but you brushed the compliment off and changed the topic. Familiar scenario? If you see yourself in this scenario because you think you're not beautiful or as talented, here's our advice: Say thanks and take the compliment. Doesn't sound that hard, is it?

4. You're afraid to take the lead on important projects/tasks.

The process looks easy, and working on it could be a breeze. Your friends nudge you to lead the group, but you take a step back, unsure of your capabilities. But how can you know if you can or cannot if you keep on moving backward instead of forward? People see your potential—it's high time you see it yourself, too!

5. You constantly dwell on the ‘What Ifs’.

You tend to imagine both ends of a situation and you can’t shrug off the feeling that something might go wrong. These long periods of overthinking leads to endless nights of tossing and turning in bed, leaving you restless and anxious about yourself, asking yourself the ‘What ifs’ that shouldn’t be necessary. Go easy on yourself and be reminded that everything will be just fine!

If you find yourself on its verge, remember the numbers: In the Philippines, a recent study showed that 96% of Filipina women say they’ve experienced self-doubt, which at some point impacted on achieving their goals. You are not alone—even some of our favorite power women have gone through a phase of uncertainty in their lives. That's why Pond's launched the #SeeWhatHappens movement. Aiming to help women everywhere to face their hesitations and actually see what happens next when they overcome their self-doubt, Pond's ambassadors Heart Evangelista-Escudero, Kathryn Bernardo, Nadine Lustre, Gabbi Garcia, and Ylona Garcia came together to empower and inspire ladies with personal stories of success.

Be motivated with these ladies' tales of ups and downs, like how Heart took courage in making art her outlet of self-expression. Or Gabbi's leap of faith in entering the entertainment industry despite questioning herself if she'll standout among her peers (she did). Or Ylona's inner voice telling her she isn't progressing in her career, but with faith and talent, she keeps on surprising herself and landing new projects like being the brand's newest ambassador. Or Nadine's transition from the sweet leading lady to the edgy and stylish celebrity that everyone welcomed with open arms. Or Kathryn's decision of working on the film, "Hello, Love, Goodbye," despite the risk -- which led to another acclaimed milestone in her career.

#SeeWhatHappens next when you face your hesitations—you know you can do it like our favorite ladies did!

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