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In Focus: Here's A New Breed Of Girl Power Role Models To Look Up To

In Focus: Here's A New Breed Of Girl Power Role Models To Look Up To


As days go by, our society keeps evolving. We might still not be in the place where we want to be, but changes are happening already which gives us hope that this imperfect world can actually be a better place. And it's all thanks to a few brave souls who continuously showcase their influence and voice to transform the future.

Here, we've listed five influential and amazing girls who aren't giving up on spreading awareness and taking action when it comes to their causes. They want something better for our world, and they know that they need to do something for it to happen. If you're looking for a new breed of girl power role models, we've got fab ladies listed down below!

1. Greta Thunberg

16-year-old Greta Thunberg from Sweden is a climate activists who began demanding more action from her government on climate change since last year. She became the influential voice of the youth by attending meetings, smashing government leaders, and spearheading rallies that have spread all over the world now dubbed as "Fridays For Future."

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Greta is a living proof that grown-ups and world leaders shouldn't mock children and teens for acting out on important issues like climate change. She said, "We should take it as a compliment that we are having so much impact that people want to silence us. We've become too loud for people to handle, so people want to silence us." It's because of her fearlessness that she has been named as one of the world's most influential teens by TIME magazine.

2. Yara Shahidi

With over 4.1 million Instagram followers, you would expect that 19-year-old actress Yara Shahidi got the Generation Z's attention by being your typical oversharing celebrity online. But as much as she enjoys taking pictures, she's equally concerned with issues globally. When Yara was a little girl, her parents intentionally put her in environments that were progressive and forward-thinking, which is why she enjoys learning and reading about political essays. Since then, she has been using her platform to send a message about the things she cares about specifically politics and feminism.

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Due to her powerful insights, Yara sits on panels about the future of feminism with Michelle Obama and even got Oprah to say that she wants to see Yara become president someday! This Harvard student also co-founded an apolitical organization called Eighteen x 18 which encourages youth-voter engagement. Until now, she is a vocal supporter of Black Lives Matter and has appeared on panels promoting prison abolition.

3. Halle Bailey

It was just this year when the news about the live-action remake of Disney's classic film Little Mermaid was the talk of the town because of the actress they chose to play as Ariel. With her incredible voice and refreshing spirit,19-year-old artist Halle Bailey got cast to play as our childhood heroine. As Queen Beyonce's prodigy, we knew that this girl could go places!

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Without a doubt, Halle possesses Ariel's rare combination of innocence and fearlessness. Plus, she's going to be the first Black actress that would play a Disney role which makes her a symbol of diversity in an industry that lacks representation. Make sure to listen to her tunes under the sister duo Chloe x Halle for more boosts of hope and inspiration!

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4. Rowan Blanchard

17-year-old actress Rowan Blanchard is known in the industry for using her platform to voice out her perspective about important issues such as mental health and feminism at a young age. She believes that older people shouldn't be surprised when young people like her make changes that adults have failed to create simply because teenagers are smart. 

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A true game-changer, Rowan knows that even if she's young, she shouldn't be exempted in joining talks about politics and social movements since people her age are and will be continuously affected by these concerns. Here's to putting more faith in Generation Z!

5. Marsai Martin

Best known for her role as Diane Johnson on ABC's hit series Black-ish, 15-year-old actress Marsai Martin is recently being applauded for becoming Hollywood’s youngest producer as she helped to make Universal Pictures’ film Little come into reality. She shared, “I wanted to do it more because there wasn’t a lot of people who looked like me that was my age that was doing this."  

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Even with little formal training in acting, Marsai continuously wows us with her prowess and is now taking the reins behind the camera. Now, that's a girl boss that we can't help but admire! 

These young bloods are apt role models because they go through life by being unique and fearless. They're not afraid to fight for what's right even if the society seems to look down at them. They challenge perceptions about important issues, so their generation will be future-proof. It's simply awe-inspiring that one can never be too young to make a real difference!

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