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In Focus: Kiara Takahashi & Gino Roque's Sweetest PBB Moments

In Focus: Kiara Takahashi & Gino Roque's Sweetest PBB Moments


Kiara Takahashi and Gino Roque are just among the lucky ones who found love inside the Pinoy Big Brother house. They're yet to make it official, but it's safe to say that's where their relationship is going. Their chemistry doesn't lie—it's unexpected and drama-free. We can't just imagine it going the other way around, can you?

It all started with Gino in that cute giggly phase while secretly crushing on Kiara and wondering if he ever has a shot once he admits his true feelings to her. Well, we're glad that he made the move, because now we know that he stands a chance. Not that it's necessary because the way he looks at the singing surfer is already a dead giveaway.

Nah, you don't have to ask. Here, we give you a KiaNo appreciation post featuring their sweetest PBB moments!

1. Gino barely kept himself together the first time he realized that he likes Kiara and so did we when he finally confessed to her by composing a song—despite not being a good singer. Kilig!

2. Our faith on men has been restored when Gino put his pride to the side, owned up to his mistakes, and apologized to Kiara for acting out during their tower weekly task. Maybe love really can solve it all for us.

3. Kiara definitely couldn't hold back her smile when Gino prepared a surprise date for her, not wanting to have any regrets if ever he got evicted next. But we bet Gino's happiness was bigger that night as Kiara accepted the necklace, a cue that she likes him back!

4. Despite being outside the house, Gino found a way to voice her support for Kiara who was on her journey to becoming the next Big Winner, a proof that whatever they have isn't just for show. We'll take this as one major factor that brought Kiara to the Big Night!

5. Gino didn't need to wait longer until the Big Night wrapped up or the winner got announced to show how proud he is of Kiara. He quickly found his way to her and gave her a bouquet of flowers. You can't tell us that that's not the sweetest thing ever!


From butterflies in the stomach to mutual feelings that run deeper, Kiara and Gino have truly proven inside the PBB house that good thing takes time. And the best thing about it is that their bond didn't stop there and just only got better outside. Now, the only thing left for us here is to root for their happy ending! *Fingers crossed!*

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