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In Focus: How To Join The Fight Against Climate Change

In Focus: How To Join The Fight Against Climate Change


Extreme weather, deforestation, and the disappearance of species—it's a proven fact that global warming has caused serious effects and climate change has been a fundamental threat to our planet. And it seems as though as days go by, it only gets worse. But this doesn't mean that there is no hope! The more people join in this cause, the bigger chance we get to implement continuous actions within our community.

Even the smallest action can make a big difference, that's why we encourage you to join the fight, raise awareness, and be an example to others. Listed down below are the things you can do to rally against climate change! 

1. Educate yourself.

Before you take action and join the fight against climate change, it's better to educate yourself first. There are numerous resources including articles you can read, educational videos you can watch, and people you can talk to who are knowledgeable about climate change. Start researching about this now, because we're sure you don't want to say something wrong when you talk about something as important as this! 

2. Save energy.

Unplug the electronics you're not using like your television and aircon, look for Energy Star certified label when you're buying new appliances, use energy-efficient light bulbs, wash clothes in cold or warm water only, and hang-dry your clothes if possible. When you start being careful about how much you use your energy at home, you'll see how easy it is to save energy. Plus, you'll save more money at the end of the month!

3. Use your private vehicles less.

In every kilometer you increase your speed, it also increases your CO2 emissions and expenses. That's why instead of using your car, choose to ride more sustainable transportation such as bicycles and public vehicles. But if you don't enjoy commuting, you can go for carpooling that certainly offer reductions in carbon emissions. When you have to travel long distance, choose trains or ferries over airplanes if possible. 

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4. Resell or trade items.

Make your life simpler by taking advantage of the term "re-selling" like selling the items that still work yet you don't use anymore. You can also check if your friend is willing to trade or sell something that you need at a cheaper price. When you do this, you'll be able to reduce consumption and even save money! Plus, you'll see other things that provide more purpose and happiness in life other than buying and consuming things.

5. Eat for stability.

This might be something you think doesn't have anything to do with climate change, but this matters. That's why to help end global warming; buy more organic and local foods, eat meat-free meals, and grow your own! Keep in mind that the decisions you make about everything you eat can affect the environment. Eat for stability, and don't waste food.

6. Support and join movements.

Now, one of the things that made fighting for climate change easier is the fact there are many movements that people can support and join to take this matter into their own hands. You won't have a hard time finding a group to be able to act in every way that you can. Whether it's about spreading awareness or volunteering in making your city climate-friendly, just ask how you can help and speak up when you can!

A movement made by ordinary people is currently accomplishing extraordinary things to protect our planet. This is just an example that people have more power in changing the world more than they know—even just by switching to renewable energy or promoting the use of bicycles! No matter how small or big you think these simple steps are, it's already a significant move in making our planet (our only home!) a better place.

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