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In Focus: How To Power Through Your Struggles The Nadine Lustre Way

In Focus: How To Power Through Your Struggles The Nadine Lustre Way


Having problems with your mental health isn't easy to admit. There's the panic of being misunderstood, judged, rejected and considered a burden, followed by the pressure to be okay and just keep the struggles all to yourself. But that's not healthy. That's exhausting.

Nadine Lustre had to learn that the hard way. After her brother's sudden passing, the multimedia star has come to realize the seriousness of the mental health condition which has also worn her out for years to the point that she can't take it anymore. Like what we're always told, though, we can't run from our issues so instead, Nadine took the steps to face it in her own fearless ways. Take notes from our President:

Open up.

When Nadine began to make a name in the spotlight, it bore stress and insecurities inside her. Putting a brave face and honestly talking about it has helped her understand her battles. If you keep being closed off, there's no way you can be free from your inner struggles.

Take a break. 

Nadine is using her right to say no by backing out from some acting projects. This isn't her having an attitude problem, rather, it's a form of self-care. It's better than agreeing to something and not be 100% in it.

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Redirect your passion.

The beach has always been Nadine's second home (just check out her Instagram feed for proof,) that's why we weren't surprise when she joined an anti-plastic awareness campaign to save the ocean. Her efforts not only benefit the restoration of safe environment but also create a space for her to comfortably breathe peace and positivity.

Be with people who care. 

By this time, nothing will never be too much to handle for Nadine as long as she has her beau James Reid, her family, and her friends to listen, guide, and carry the load with her. Isolating yourself is clearly no the answer. Seeking a support systetm is actually the best way to not feel alone in your journey.

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Our mental health journey could get intense and could probably go a long way. However, trust Nadine when she says one day, you'll gonna make it through. If she found it in her heart to survive, you sure can too. 

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