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In Focus: Just Like Us, These Celebrities Can't Resist The Charm Of BLACKPINK's Rosé

In Focus: Just Like Us, These Celebrities Can't Resist The Charm Of BLACKPINK's Rosé


Overwhelmingly talented, hardworking, brave, gorgeous, angelic, adorkable, philantrophic, inspirational—everyone, this is Rosé from BLACKPINK. Imagine not stanning, supporting, and adoring her in this day and age? We can't relate, because when it comes to this sweetheart, there really isn't anything not to love about.

We're not the only ones who feel this way though. Other A-list celebrities and singers are just like us, too, who after even just a single encounter can't already get enough of the K-pop idol. You know how a person is able to steal attention wherever she goes? Yeah, well, we're pretty sure it's Rosé who invented it. There's something about her that's hard to ignore and these stars are living proof:

1. Lany's Paul Klein

Roseanne Park has no problem getting loved by the indie pop band's frontman. They first met when Paul attended one of BLACKPINK's North American show, took backstage photos, and later shared pride over the songstress' successful tour. Oh, we love this new fan-friend relationship so bad!

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Miley Cyrus

It all started from Rosé jamming to Miley's song "Slide Away" to the Disney alum mentioning the South Korean artist on Instastory and then officially following her account. Is this a form of appreciation, a blossoming sisterhood, or a potential collaboration? We'd love to see all of the above.

Camila Cabello

Nothing will ever be the same for Blinks and Camilizers since the "Havana" hitmaker's Twitter shoutout to the BP member thanking the latter for supporting her music. Camila is a fan, Rosé is a fan, so as expected, everything worked out in the end.

Ariana Grande

BLACKPINK and Ariana's Coachella meeting has led to one true long-distance friendship and we wouldn't have it any other way, much more when the American pop star sent Rosé the "cutest perfume on the planet," Ari's Cloud fragrance line. This pairing couldn't be more perfect. What else could we ask for?

Ezra Miller

This Hollywood actor isn't afraid to tell the world what a big BLACKPINK stan he is. From gushing over a signed album, getting thrilled with merch, and dancing to "As If It's Your Last" all the way to recently taking a photo opportunity with Rosé at Paris Fashion Week, Ezra really couldn't shake the BLINK off him. He deserves the right.

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Jacob Elordi

Rosé sat in the front row of the Saint Laurent show in Paris with Jacob Elordi—yep, that hunk from Netflix's The Kissing Booth. But they're not only right next to each other, they even talked and bonded over their Aussie roots. We're not feeling apologetic thinking they look good together. Sorry not sorry.

Bigbang's Taeyang

As if her talent needed any validation—but, okay, for the sake of those still in denial, here's a reminder that Taeyang once admitted that he really like Rosé's vocals. Need he say more? Now, we only need one thing to happen: a duet, thanks!

You see, nothing could ever stop the world from falling in love with Rosé. BLINK or not, you have to admit that she's irresistible in her own right. Feel free to take this moment to appreciate the woman that Park Chaeyoung is today!

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