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Cheat Sheet: What To Do When You and Your Roomie Aren't Getting Along

Cheat Sheet: What To Do When You and Your Roomie Aren't Getting Along


Living with a roommate is something that most of us experience at least at one point in our lives especially in college. Some might be lucky to have the best roomie ever, be it their best friend from high school or their cousin from the province. But others might be unfortunate to have roommates who don't make their lives as easy.

Well, every healthy roomie relationship takes a lot of compromises and patience, so maybe you just need some few adjustments to make it work. If you're currently dealing with a roomie who you don't get along with, listed down below are tips and tricks that you can do to survive. 

1. Sharing is caring. 

Just because you share a room, it doesn't mean you should share everything, especially your clothes and bathroom necessities. Although, if you have an extra snack with you, it's a good idea to offer some to your roomie. Whether it's a sandwich that you made yourself or the ulam that your mom brought you, we're sure your roomie will appreciate it. This might even be a way for you two to bond while eating together!

2. Give respect.

When you're sharing a room with another person, always be respectful of each other. Even if your room is big and you don't share the same bed, always ask your roomie's permission if you're planning to bring a visitor because doing this would show that you respect their privacy—so they would do the same thing if they want to bring guests, too!

3. Have rules and agree on them.

No matter how much you could care less about your roomie, it's important to share schedules and make a roommate agreement because it's easier to be considerate about plans or meetings when you have house rules to follow. For example, you need to work on a project on Thursday, tell your roomie that Thursday night is your scheduled study night in the room so they'd be cautious to not disturb you. The roommate agreement doesn't have to be formal, it only needs to be clear and precise.

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4. Use your headphones.

We believe that someone invented headphones for people who want to spend time in their world, while still being around other people A.K.A. roommates! Watch your favorite series or listen to your playlist while working on an assignment, this way you wouldn't be bothered by whatever your roomie is doing and vice versa.

5. Spend time outside of the room when you can.

If your roomie is doing something that you don't like, then just go somewhere else for the meantime. Go to the library, eat somewhere nearby that you've never been to before, or even sleepover at a friend's place if need be. Just make sure you don't resort to this on the daily, or else you've got some major intervention to do with your roomie.

6. Speak up if something is bothering you.

You don't have to share every detail that's going on with your life, but when you live with other people, you need to be honest and open with them. If you don't like it when they leave their clothes all over the room, then tell them! Don't let your fear of worsening your relationship stop you from speaking up about something that's bothering you. Honestly, letting each other know the things you two want to avoid could even potentially help you get along with them.

When all else fails, the only thing left to do is to move out. It's not easy to find a new place to stay, so make sure you'll do this when you feel like you tried everything and failed. Always remember that you don't have to be friends with your roomie, you just have to have a decent relationship with them. But if your mood, lifestyle, and sanity are always suffering, then perhaps it's a sign that you should find another place to call your home away from home. 

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