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In Focus: 6 Couple Things That We All Miss When We're Single

In Focus: 6 Couple Things That We All Miss When We're Single


Oftentimes, being a strong independent woman means you have already mastered the art of self-love and the need for being with a significant other has become the least of your priorities. When you’re too busy with all your hustle and in achieving your goals leading to self-growth, your dating life may have been unintentionally set aside. 

However, there will be days when being all by yourself will get lonely, especially when you’re surrounded by couples and their very public displays of affection. But that’s okay. Here are some of the couple stuff we all miss even when we're single by choice:

1. Going on nice dates

Dates with family and friends are great, and they’re extraordinary in their own way. But going on nice dates with an S.O. may sometimes be a different story. That feeling while sharing good conversations over a hearty meal with someone is definitely something that gives us a dose of kilig!

2. Holding hands while walking

This may sound too cheesy for those girl bosses out there, but let’s all admit how comforting it feels to hold someone’s hand while walking, especially when the weather is too nice. And because people nowadays rarely walk, it’s actually good to share little fun moments like this with someone!

3. Having someone you can constantly annoy

Although your friends wholeheartedly accept you for who you are, having someone you can (positively) annoy on a daily basis is priceless. Those playful teases and the constant bugging are non-conventional yet thoughtful reminders of how much you appreciate your S.O.’s presence and vice versa!

4. Taking random, silly selfies

Some days when you just feel really good about ourselves, we tend to take selfies—not because we’re vain but just as receipts of how great our day was. This is cute and all but taking random, silly selfies with your S.O. can be a lot more fun, right? Capturing your kulit yet genuinely happy faces on those memoirs make it a little extra!

5. Having someone to help you handle your PMS

All women would know how hormones can mess with you during PMS. The hassle of endless cravings and countless mood swings every month somehow becomes too unbearable for girls to handle on their own. So having a teammate that can help you get through this, like helping you satisfy those munchies you're asking for, is sometimes better as it eases the burden quicker. Honestly, who isn't a sucker for a thoughtful S.O.?

6. Celebrating milestones

Be it relationship milestones or your achievements individually, celebrating these occasions can become more special if you have a constant someone to share these with. Although your family and friends will always be there for you in every step of the way, your S.O. is sometimes a different kind of cheerleader!

Strong independent women don't mind being on their own, but missing a few things that are meant for couples is perfectly normal. Don't invalidate those mushy feels because it doesn't make you any less of a super woman! Now, where's the cheese?

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