Do You Work in Your Bedroom? Balance Relaxation and Productivity with that Perfect Desk!

Do You Work in Your Bedroom? Balance Relaxation and Productivity with that Perfect Desk!

Whether it may be a house or condo, the bedroom is not only your personal space where one can relax after a whole day of work, and keep all your personal belongings. It can also be a place where we would like to plan out things before you start your day.

That being said, there are many things you can think of in designing bedrooms. Last time, we gave you tips on how to design on a budget. This time, let’s talk about how one can strike a balance between productivity and relaxation in crafting the perfect bedroom desk.

Choose a desk that has two functions

You can save precious space by choosing a desk that can function as a dresser or a nightstand, while maintaining its function as a working area. Whether attached to the wall or as a separate furniture, you get to save precious space, making your bedroom less cramped and more relaxing.

Place your desk near (or in front) a window

Should you have adequate space, you can opt to place your desk near where your room’s windows are. This would work very well especially if your window has a nice view outside. Morning (and evening) work sessions would be more fun with this approach. A nice view = added motivation to work.

For this setup, choose a desk that is not higher than your windows to give you that nice outdoor view.

Opt for laptops instead of desktops

Desktop computers do take up a significant amount of space. With the performance and specs of laptops comparable to that of desktop computers nowadays, choosing laptops is a space-saving and efficient choice, which explains logically why majority of people would choose laptops nowadays. An added bonus? You can store away your laptop to avoid answering emails in the wee hours of the morning!

Prioritize comfort when it comes to chairs

To maintain the relaxing feel of your bedroom, opt for a comfortable chair, different from typical office chairs, for your desk. Bedroom chairs or stools would do in maintaining the home-y feel and at the same time make you productive.

Decorate with harmony

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In addition to using a themed color for the overall appearance of your bedroom, you can blend your work area seamlessly with your bedroom by incorporating decorations you have with your bedroom with your work area. Whether it may be a few artworks or ornamental plants, having harmony with how you decorate your bedroom (and bedroom desk) will make you feel at home even while planning out things for the day ahead.

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