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In Focus: TWICE's Mina Is Taking A Break, Yet We Stan Her More Than Ever

In Focus: TWICE's Mina Is Taking A Break, Yet We Stan Her More Than Ever


K-Pop idols are becoming open about discussing mental health struggles more than ever before which allows the industry to have honest conversations about it. One of the recent cases about this happened last July when Korean agency JYP Entertainment announced that TWICE's 22-year-old member Mina Sharon Myoi unexpectedly returned to South Korea while in the middle of the group's US World Tour due to health reasons. 

After a few days, it was then confirmed by the agency's specialized medical institutions that she's diagnosed with anxiety disorder wherein she experiences excessive and persistent fear about everyday situations. This involves repeated episodes of sudden worry about performing on stage and wanting to avoid places or situations that might cause her to feel helpless or embarrassed. This news certainly made fans worry and gave her words of encouragement. 

Because of this, Mina decided to take an extended break from the group's promotions and events to focus on her recovery. Her participation in TWICE's activities would be decided through a discussion with the members but would depend more on the state of her health. Here are the reasons why her decision to get the help she needs made us stan her more than ever. 

1. She didn't let her anxiety affect her career. 

There's not one person who suddenly wakes up and discover that they have an anxiety disorder. It takes deep observation and frequent experience of worry about normal situations to know. From the outside, not once did we assume that she's struggling because she always looks happy and performs well on stage. We admire her for always giving her best for us despite feeling the opposite way. And while that's not exactly the best thing to do, we're still grateful for it.

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2. She's brave enough to admit that there's a problem. 

While the topic about mental health exists in South Korea, it's not openly talked about in the K-pop industry. Idols and their entertainment agencies rarely address mental health struggles to the public, and we've seen enough to know that this is a problem. With this in mind, Mina and her agency's move is progressive. It's nice to know that they're brave enough to admit that she is struggling with anxiety and can only be at her best if she feels her healthy physically, mentally, and emotionally.  

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3. She's prioritizing her mental health. 

Most of us tend to forget to take care of our health when there's a lot of things going on in our career, and it's even harder when you're currently busy working hard to be at the top. Being part of one of the most commercially successful K-pop girl groups in the industry, it would take a lot of courage to take a break from your group's activities—and Mina is strong enough to do just that. Despite her group's world tour and comeback, she knows that she has to prioritize her mental health this time because that's what she truly needs. 

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4. She didn't leave her group behind. 

Being diagnosed with anxiety disorder should be taken seriously, but you shouldn't let it control your life—and Mina knows that. When JYP Entertainment announced that Mina's taking a break from TWICE's activities, some netizens got worried if she'll ever come back to the group. But we're just so happy that Mina decided to participate in their "Feel Special" music video. Although she won't join in this album's promotions as she's still recovering, a glimpse of her with her members is more than enough for us.

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These feelings of anxiety and panic interfere with daily activities, and we want to say that we're feeling the utmost respect for Mina for being able to go through this even if it's difficult to control and manage. We're sending our full support to her as she continuously takes all possible measures for her recovery. We love you and see you again soon, Mina! 

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