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In Focus: 5 Lessons You Can Get from Indoor Cycling

In Focus: 5 Lessons You Can Get from Indoor Cycling


One fun way to get those bodies moving and those fats burning is indoor cycling. Ride along with some upbeat music and get fascinated with strobe lights as you pedal your way to a fitter and healthier you on the stationary bicycle.

Although working those holiday gains out may not seem to be the most inviting idea after a long day sometimes, with this new exercise in town, you’ll definitely have something to look forward to and come back for more. Other than the number of calories burned, one can also pick up a few life lessons after each session:

1. Every workout is definitely a mood-upper.

It is a given fact that a good sweat session releases endorphins which are chemicals produced in the body after working out. They are basically stress relievers and happiness boosters. With great music together with pretty lights, indoor cycling will surely double up this group of hormones, giving you good vibes all the way! 

2. Believing in yourself can go a long way.

Indoor cycling is definitely not an easy workout. Aside from being an intense cardio exercise, it also requires your overall body strength, which both need more effort to pull off in under an hour. The beginning of every session might always seem a little hard but with that extra push from believing in yourself, you’ll be surprised at how close you already are to finishing the session!

3. It’s okay to rest but don’t stop.

Since indoor cycling is a high-intensity workout, not everyone can keep up with the routine the entire time. If you’re one of those who need to slow down every once in a while, go ahead and do so. People have their own pace and as long as you’re determined to finish strong, even if with rests in between, you’re still a winner!

4. Support systems are important.

Finding a group you can work out with is undoubtedly one of the best feelings especially when you feel lazy to go alone. Being constantly encouraged by the other riders, led by the coach, whenever you’re about to give up, is why indoor cycling becomes more enjoyable. The sense of community is solid, which also makes up for a strong support system!

5. You become a different person after every class (in a good way!)

After a good 50-minute spin, your muscles obviously get stronger, therefore, you’d feel good about yourself. But wait, there’s more: after all the countless pushes, from the instructor, cycle friends, and, of course, yourself, you become a different person at the end of every class. Pedaling your way towards your goals is one sure way of getting better every day!

If you’ve tried spinning before, what other life lessons can you get from it?

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