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Beauty Cheat Sheet: New Year’s Makeovers Inspired by Kim Chiu

Beauty Cheat Sheet: New Year’s Makeovers Inspired by Kim Chiu

If you want a new look for the new year but isn’t quite ready to make drastic changes, you can still actually welcome 2016 with a fresh persona by just tweaking your makeup routine and hairstyle. Kim Chiu shows you a variety of exciting options for your New Year’s makeover on the three-cover special of Metro's December 2015-January 2016 issue. Kim stepped out of her comfort zone to try three transformative looks put together by her trusted glam teams, and the result? Equally gorgeous Kims that prove that looking good doesn’t have to be complicated—all it takes is a little new makeup tweak here, and some hairstyle update there.

Kim’s makeup artists and hairstylists share how they achieved the star’s fab new looks, so you, too, can try them yourself:

FIERCE AND GLOSSY by Owen Sarmiento (makeup) and Jay Wee (hair)

Owen: “I've always thought Kim has a model-like face. Her bone structure is amazing. She's also known to be a chinita, but the grooves on her eyes are actually deep. I wanted a fierce look but still soft, so it was all about shadowing and play on textures to show the natural contours of her face, especially her eyes. The shadows were all blended outwards even on her lower eyelids to make eyes rounder and bigger. The colors I used on her eyes were slate, grays, silver, and charcoal black—totally different from her usual browns, peaches, and pinks. I also skipped contouring on her face. Instead, I did a lot of bronzing (I used three kinds of bronzers!) to sculpt the face but keep it soft. A glossy nude lipstick finished the look.”

Jay: “Originally, the peg was a blunt chin-length bob that's very ‘90s and [American supermodel] Linda Evangelista-ish, which you all can still see in the coverstory. For the last two layouts, the editors felt like doing another look which is the out-of-sea hairstyle: Basically the hair is wet and slicked back. This hairstyle has been popular this year on the runways and even for red carpet events. What I did for the cover is disheveled the slicked back ‘do into a deep side part to create a wave of hair framing her forehead to her cheeks. The hairstyle and makeup themselves aren’t things you can do for your everyday look, so just by doing it for Kim we knew we were veering far away from her usual glam smoky eyes and vavavoom curls.”

Expert tips: “Don't be afraid to play with colors and textures. It's also important to know your bone structure. Knowing that well will help you create different looks for yourself. And always create your own looks! It's okay to take inspiration from others but do create your own! It's so much fun to discover what you can do with your face through makeup. In the process you can also discover new things about yourself!” – Owen

“Let’s be honest, a wet slicked back hairstyle isn’t forgiving to all face shapes but I’m not saying that you can’t do it. You'll need to commit to it and just own it: Have confidence (or you can just fake it!) to walk out of the house and rock that hairstyle in any evening/formal or fashion event.” – Jay

Jay, Kim, and Owen strike a pose for the camera.


ANDROGYNOUS BEAUTY by Albert Kurniawan (makeup) and Renz Pangilinan (hair)

Renz: “For this cover, we wanted to go on a different path for Kim's look: Something simple and edgy. I opted for a messy and wet ponytail to get that angrogynous look. To make her look different, I didn’t use her usual partition, and I also made the ponytail effortless and messy.

Expert tip: “To get that 'wet' look, use spray gel and comb your hair with your fingers.

Kim flanked by Albert (left) and Renz (right).


‘70S GLAM by Jake Galvez (makeup) and RJ dela Cruz (hair)

Jake: “Our inspiration for Kim's look is the 1970s, wiith smoldering copper eyes and matte red lips. Kim usually wears neutral smoky eyes to give her eyes a brighter and bigger effect on tv and in photos. For this look, we intensified the color by adding luscious copper and blacks, and extending more shadow on the lower lash line to give a more dramatic look. She rarely wears red lipstick, but for this shoot, we experimented with a perfect blue red shade that suits her oriental skin tone.

Expert tip: “This look on Kim is a perfect holiday look. It's festive, glamorous and amps up any look!” And one you can definitely try for your Christmas and New Year's shindigs.

From left: RJ, Kim, and Jake


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