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Cheat Sheet: How to Stay Productive Despite Feeling Stressed

Cheat Sheet: How to Stay Productive Despite Feeling Stressed


Young adults who are trying to power through their daily lives with so much going on can all agree how stress becomes an inevitable part of life. No matter how much we remain positive, with all efforts pep-talking ourselves that everything is great, stress still says hello. Because duh, we’re just humans. This can sometimes lead to a lack of motivation which may eventually result to unproductivity. 

We may not prevent stress from happening due to unavoidable external forces, but as people, we can still be in control of our reactions towards this. Although it is truly easier said than done, starting with just simple ways on how to cope with stress to stay productive is still possible. Here are some simple ways we can do for ourselves:

1. Write down a checklist. 

Organizing, be it your thoughts or the tasks for the day, is always a great idea. From listing down all the things you need to do for the day to classifying them according to importance, a checklist that is written down will always help you to stay on track and manage your time better. This will also prevent you from getting overwhelmed, thus, efficiency will surely be achieved.

2. Listen to your happy songs.

Another best buddy we can always count on in times of stress and chaos is music. Without fail, music is inarguably considered to be a great food for the soul. Just a few clicks on your phone, you’re automatically given thousands of choices, regardless of what mood you’re in. Since you can always run to music for that little push, listening to your happy songs will surely turn your day around. 

3. Surround yourself with cheerful people.

Interactions with others can definitely affect your level of energy.  Instead of dealing with "negatrons," just surround yourself with those who radiate nothing but good vibes which can totally help ease your current stress level. Who knows, someone may also be needing your positive energy, so go ahead and also start passing that sunshine around!

4. Stretch.

Stress brings tension to the muscles which is why getting those bodies to move is a must. Working out surely gives you endorphins A.K.A. all those happy hormones from the sweat and calories you burned. But if this isn’t possible, at least at the moment because of work, stretching would be a considerable immediate solution. You’ll be surprised at how a stretch can release all the tension away from your body and instantly shift your mood from nay to yay.

5. Eat good food.

As cliche as it may sound, feeding our bodies with food that is good not only for our physique but also for our minds is one of the best coping mechanisms out there. Munching on our favorite comfort food, which is sometimes the greasy, unhealthy kind, may sound so tempting every time we’re stressed. But, believe it or not, satisfying our cravings in a better way will not just help our bodies be in its best shape, but also push us to become the better versions of ourselves even more!

6. Give yourself some time to breathe.

Literally and figuratively, breathing in and out is what we should all do whenever stress comes our way. As mentioned above, it is inevitable and so as human beings, an automatic response to this should be giving ourselves some air and clear things out, even just for a while. Aside from helping us realign, as we breathe in and out, we also keep ourselves grounded and not get overwhelmed.

7. Face it 'til you make it.

Facing a stressful situation can be fairly difficult. Although there’s some truth to it, running away from the problem won’t really get you somewhere. Dealing with it right after giving yourself some time to breathe is the only way you can move forward, overcome those bumps on the road, and achieve productivity.

Staying productive while feeling stressed may not be as easy as it sounds. But with the proper mindset, supported by little acts of self-care as listed above, managing your stress while getting some work done becomes more possible. 

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