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In Focus: This Famous Film School Is Granting Scholarships To Aspiring Filipino Filmmakers!

In Focus: This Famous Film School Is Granting Scholarships To Aspiring Filipino Filmmakers!


Here's some great news for aspiring filmmakers out there: Toronto Film School, Canada's top-ranking film school, has partnered up with the Film Development Council in the Philippines (FDCP) to discover a new breed of Filipino talent!

For the aspiring Filipino filmmakers out there, get ready to harness your skills as there will be two Toronto Film School-sponsored Master Classes from 10 AM to 4 PM on September 21 at Shangri-La Makati and on September 28 at Radisson Blu, Cebu. But first, register online at They'll give you details about their scholarship application process during the event. But to qualify for the scholarships, you’ll need to submit your school transcripts, a portfolio, and a letter of intent stating why you should be considered! This is a once-in-a-lifetime experience, so don't let it slip away. If you still have second thoughts, listed down below are the reasons why we believe this opportunity is worth the try! 

1. There's no formal film school here in our country.

Some programs teach basic information about filmmaking, but most of the things current film students learn are from veteran filmmakers who are sharing the things that they probably learned on their own. According to FDCP Chairperson Liza Diño, she wants the upcoming students to understand that what the school is going to teach is how almost all of the talented international filmmakers do it.

2. Filipinos filmmakers are promising.

We can proudly admit that Filipinos are one of the best storytellers. We're skilled at turning our imagination into reality, and all that's left is the equipment, formal training, and a chance to be known globally which Toronto Film School can provide. We're sure you don't want your passion to go to waste,  that's why this partnership's goal is to enhance your filmmaking talent to contribute to and elevate our local industry.

3. It will give our work and talent the opportunity to be known worldwide.

With the right tools and connections, the graduates can come back to the Philppines and make films that reach the international standard. In a matter of years, the filmmakers that would be a part of this project will dominate the film industry the way Canadians and Koreans are dominating the world!

This incredible program will award one full program scholarship worth three million pesos, two half program scholarships, and 20 bursaries towards the Film Production Program. Plus, there's no age limit, so anyone can submit their application and study at the hub of professional growth and development for filmmakers! The students that will be a part of this will have the opportunity to have hands-on experience and education from the best in the industry so if you're interested, take this as your go signal!

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