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In Focus: Here's Proof That BLACKPINK's Jennie Could Be The Next Rihanna

In Focus: Here's Proof That BLACKPINK's Jennie Could Be The Next Rihanna


On this year in history, BLACKPINK's Jennie finally got to meet her number one idol Rihanna! The K-pop idol has long waited for it to happen and knowing it turned out into more than what she wished for—getting, as it seems, personally invited at the pop icon's private event and being able to be in one frame as her—we're shocked at how she managed to be the calmest person amidst it all. But we're not fools, girl. We know too well you're dying inside of happiness 'cause we're dying with you.

Jennie has never been shy of talking about her love for the multifaceted artist. That's understandable, why? Riri has done it all, setting gold standards in scenes that are far beyond music and stepping up as the biggest influencer of her generation. She is everything Jennie wants to be, and now she's following in her footsteps by becoming the next powerhouse. We know the rules: no proof or it's not true so here you go (before y'all go salty.)

She's changing the game in music.

From BLACKPINK's intense-to-melancholy sounds to her empowering solo, Jennie (at 23) has already crossed the lines between musical genres, the same way young Rihanna established her status as an icon. She also lends her vocal knacks to singing and rapping. And most impressive of all? Like Riri, Jennie is a chart-topper and history-maker as the first solo female K-pop act to top America's World Digital Song Sales chart.

She's making a name in the fashion industry.

Jennie doesn't abide by your regular fashion rules, elevating her status to rising style icon. She's also quickly turning into luxurious brands' favorite "it" girl, particularly Chanel. Even Riri's stylist expressed hope to work with her. We can't wait until she gets her own fashion house!

She's a top social media star.

Her impact in the internet is evident on her huge Instagram following (her only personal SNS account.) This is a win for various product lines because with just one post and unintended advertisement from Jennie, expect big profits to get in their hands. There's no wonder lots are lining up to collaborate with her.

She symbolizes pride for her race.

While Riri sets the stage for black female artists, Jennie, along with BLACKPINK, is among those rewriting the narrative for Asian representation in the west, putting an end to discrimination, grabbing the world's attention, and bringing pride to our race. Props to them for proving the haters wrong!

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The Rihanna-impact to Jennie is crazy, and it shows. She probably wouldn't be where she is today if not for the hitmaker inspiring her. Who'd have thought her "Take A Bow" audition nine years ago will bring her to meet Riri? It comes to just one answer: Jennie never loses, she only shines (like a diamond!)

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