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In Focus: Celebrate Your Grandparents By Giving Them The Gift Of Strength!

In Focus: Celebrate Your Grandparents By Giving Them The Gift Of Strength!

There is just something so special about the relationship between grandparents and grandchildren. Their bonds fill the world with love and warmth. For all the times your parents or grandparents spent with you, for all the experiences and lessons they shared with you, you should always remember to reciprocate your love for them.

In Ensure Gold®’s Stories of Strength video entitled, May Pinagmanahan, a young boy narrates his life with the two grandfathers he was named after, Lolo Juanchito and Lolo Rodolfo.

Juanchito Rodolfo, or JR, recalls the times when his grandfathers would play with him. But as they got older, Lolo Juanchito and Lolo Rodolfo had less energy and strength to do things like they used to. JR nevertheless provided them care and proper nutrition. 

Proper nutrition is especially significant for seniors. Bodies need protein to become stronger. However, some seniors lack protein to maintain muscle mass or recover from an injury, due to factors like change in food preferences, receding gums, medical complications, and so much more. That's why they rely heavily on you—their children and grandchildren—to assist them. One way they get their protein is by drinking supplements like the new Ensure Gold®. It has a unique ingredient called HMB, or Hydroxy Methylbutyrate, which is essential to protect and repair muscle tissue. When mixed with Triple Protein Blend, vitamins, and minerals, our bodies can stay strong. 

That’s why, reminding our elderly loved ones to drink a nutritional supplement like the New Ensure Gold® with HMB is very important.  It strengthens their muscles so that they can carry on doing the things they love each day, thus allowing them to live a happier and fuller life.

Ensure Gold is now available in leading supermarkets, drugstores and Abbott's Official Store in Lazada and Shopee.

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