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In Focus: Why Sharpay Evans Is A Role Model Worth Looking Up To

In Focus: Why Sharpay Evans Is A Role Model Worth Looking Up To


We saw Sharpay Evans trending on Twitter over a decade since High School Musical ended, and we couldn't just shut up about it. There's no way we're giving you another year to snub this Disney icon who taught us nothing but to be our own queens. Sharpay deserves better, not only a hashtag on your Twitter trends but also your respect. We said what we said.

Why the hate on East High's Drama club president when all she did was raise us into incredibly passionate individuals who will go after our dreams no matter what? Sure, she had her flaws, but so do Troy (who ditches his GF, friends, and responsibilities not just once) and Gabriella (who broke up with Troy just 'cause he wants to have a good future.) So, can we all agree that Sharpay's imperfections doesn't make her any less of a role model? Here are the life lessons she's taught us to prove her reputation. Give us a beat.

Always give your 100% to you passions.

We'll forever be bitter for those years some of you made Sharpay the villain for what? For loving theater with all her heart and always doing her best in every performance? Passion and hard work are just two of the things, we can't take away from her. That also goes to you who's reading this. There's no reason why you shouldn't give it your all when you want it all.

You don't need a man to accomplish your goals.

Sharpay may have tried to steal Grabriella's guy and bribed her with a basketball scholarship, but we couldn't be prouder after she realized the fact that she actually doesn't need him to help her get along and finally finding what she's been looking for: herself. This is our kween's way of telling you to not fear being alone because you can definitely be fabulous just as you are. Troy who?

Don't worry about what other's think of you.

No one does confidence like Sharpay Evans. Call her diva-like, ambitious, spoiled; well, she couldn't care less. What matters is that she knows what she wants, and she pursue the life she wants to live. In other words, if it'll make you happy, do it, regardless if it will please people or not.  Sometimes, you just gotta put yourself first.

Keep your head high.

Remember that Sharpay wannabe Tiara? We actually want to thank her audacity to stab the real drama queen at the back, because, if it didn't happen, Sharpay wouldn't learn the art of never giving up. It's impossible to outshine a girl who knows where she belongs. Cue "Bop To The Top!" That, people, is what you call not letting anyone put you down. You should try it sometime.

So what does looking up to Sharpay Evans say about you? It means we grew up as strong, ambitious women and for that, we got no regrets. For those who took years to figure out the role model that she is, we forgive you. And for those who still can't and haven't, this is your moment. Channel her, go for it, and well, break a leg. Toodles! 

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