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Cheat Sheet: Throw Your Next Party By Serving These #ABSCBNBall2019 Inspired Drinks!

Cheat Sheet: Throw Your Next Party By Serving These #ABSCBNBall2019 Inspired Drinks!

Coming from the heels of the grandiose #ABSCBNBall2019, which was held at the Shangri-La at the Fort, party hosts and social affair aficionados alike can take a page or two from this affair, by putting together drinks that were served to all celebrities and guests who were in attendance. As sophisticated as the event may have been, it doesn’t mean that making these drinks need to be as complex. In fact, everyone can easily make these at home! So, for the next party you’re planning, these are some cocktails you may want to try serving for yourself.

Pink Apple Gin. Simple and refreshing, and a drink that can be put together in a snap! Perfect for a pre-dinner cocktail or just for a steady drink with no fluff.

Ingredients: The BaR Pink Gin, club mix apple tea, garnish


Alistair. Perfect for both evening and afternoon affairs, the “Alistair” is a cocktail that is a sure-fire way of leaving your guests feeling cool and refreshed. With a good mix of citrus flavors, mint, and a hint of fizz, this drink is simple to make, but is something you can make if you’d want to impress!

Ingredients: The BaR Premium Dry Gin, Raffa Sparkling, Elderflower, mint sprig, lime wedge


Double Light on the Rocks. For those who know what they want, a simple brandy on ice is a drink with no frills that can be put together in an instant. Mostly for the more discerning drinker, this, too, can be appreciated by others given how smooth Emperador Double Light is.

Ingredients: Emperador Double Light Brandy, Ice


Whisky on the rocks. A long time favorite, and a drink that simply doesn’t require any further explanation, Andy Player Blended Whisky should be a staple at any gathering. To make it more interesting, guests may opt to mix it with cola. An added convenience as well, as guests can easily make these for themselves!

Ingredients: Andy Player Blended Whisky, cola


Smirnoff Mule. Already made and bottled, Smirnoff Mule has grown to be a mainstay at parties, especially for its palatable taste that appeals to almost everyone. A mixture of vodka, spicy ginger beer, and lime juice, this can be enjoyed as is, but can also be mixed by pouring it in a glass and adding a slide or wedge of lime.

Ingredients: Smirnoff Mule, ice and garnish (optional)

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