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In Focus: Rainy Day Date Ideas That Don't Include Netflix-And-Chill

In Focus: Rainy Day Date Ideas That Don't Include Netflix-And-Chill


Most of us prefer going out when the weather is nice, and we can do anything we want outside. That's why when it starts raining, our plans can get messed up. From having a picnic to biking around the park, it's easy to think that nothing can save your date. Well, you're wrong!

If you find yourself needing a backup plan, we got you covered. Instead of just staying in together and binge-watching your favorite Netflix films (like you always do,) listed down below are rainy-day date ideas that you've probably never considered before:

1. Go to a karaoke bar.

Whether you can hit a high note or not, everyone knows that our country is full of karaoke-obsessed people, and is there any better place to have a rainy day date than a karaoke bar? Nope! You wouldn't have a hard time finding a place to go because we're sure that in every city, there's a street filled with karaoke bars. So start writing down the songs that you want to sing because you're about to act like you're in a music video with your significant other!

2. Learn something new together.

From watching a cooking tutorial on YouTube or taking a dance class, learning something new together can be more fun than you can imagine! There's nothing like acquiring new skills while spending time together. Hitting these two birds with one stone will surely strengthen your bond like no other.

3. Go wine tasting.

Discovering the best wine is one of the most romantic rainy day date ideas if you and your significant other enjoy drinking. Check out all of the craft brewery, distillery, and winery in your area and see if they have any available tours or tastings on that day. If you're in the mood to go to different wine bars, add bar-hopping in your rainy-day date itinerary—just make sure you have a car or extra money for transportation! 

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4. Read a book together.

Pick a book which you two can read together, then talk about it after two to three chapters. You can also get a book that your partner hasn't read yet and vice versa, and exchange since a lot of people say that one of the best ways to get to know someone is by reading the books they own. Plus, there's just something romantic and movie-like when you're reading a book, drinking coffee, and snuggling with your significant other while you listen to the sound of the rain dripping from your window. 

5. Have a massage.

This idea is one for the couples out there who feel restless lately as it will truly leave you relaxed the whole day. A massage is a self-love act we all need to give ourselves, and there is no better time to treat yourself than on a rainy day date with your significant other. To put some twist, give Thai or Chinese massage a try. After this, you'll go on with your day feeling satisfied and ready to conquer anything together.

6. Get artsy and crafty.

Take out the art supplies you have like paint, stickers, colored papers, and paintbrushes, and let your creative selves shine! There's a lot of painting or DIY tutorials you can find on YouTube. You can also make this date functional by creating or giving your phone case, shoes, or bag a new look. Who cares if it looks like something a kid could do better? As long as you two are having fun, that's all that matters. 

7. Splash puddles together.

There's a reason why this is your favorite rainy day pasttime when you were a kid, so why not channel your inner kid with your partner? Put on some cute rain boots and raincoats, then let your fun and spontaneous side out to your date. Start making a splash like children in puddles because there is seriously nothing more liberating than this! After that, you can warm up indoors and share a sweet cup of hot chocolate.

Everyone loves a Netflix-and-chill kind of date, but it can get boring once it becomes a routine when it's raining. That's why we've come up with these fun rainy day date ideas and thought we'd share them with you! Still, whether it rains or not, any date can be perfect if the two of you are willing to make the most out of your time together, so make every moment count, love birds!

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