Cheat Sheet: How To Be A Photography Pro With A Phone

Cheat Sheet: How To Be A Photography Pro With A Phone

Let’s be real. Sometimes it’s hard to keep up with technology these days. One minute you’re learning about the latest smartphone innovations, the next day there’s a far better one in the market. However, what has been constant and made easy by smartphones in this era is learning mobile photography. And it only takes a few swipes and tap of a button and you can set yourself up with a cool aesthetic of your own and levelling up your IG feed game. Nothing should get in the way of your creativity! Don’t let gear limit you from being good at something.

Here are the five best tips on how to be a pro with a phone using the Huawei Nova 5T:

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Practice shooting in manual. You’ll probably hear this more than once or twice in your life once you get into smartphone photography. Even professionals who use the most sophisticated gears will tell you to always shoot in manual. When you shoot in manual, you have full creative control over how your photos will turn out. This is your best time to experiment!

Not only does the Huawei Nova 5T boast of a 48 mega-pixel (f/1.8 aperture AF) rear camera, one of its highlight features is shooting in Pro mode. It lets you set your shutter speed, aperture, ISO, white balance, and even your phase focus! Additionally, the 6.26-inch screen of this smartphone powerhouse also helps in capturing crisp photos.

Know your light source and understand it. All photography is reliant on light. How much and how little you have it can set the tone, mood, and atmosphere depending on what scenario you want to create. Aside from the Pro mode, the Huawei Nova 5T also shoots in low light situations.

Think of going to Poblacion on a night out and you want to capture photos mixed with the bustling evening setting and the lights complementing the neighborhood. It’s the best time to use the Huawei Nova 5T’s night mode. Taking photos at night is just easy by clicking the shutter button.

Choose your best angles and nail your composition. More than just taking your friend’s next profile picture or Instagram post, they key to a photo that will get people hitting the heart button is choosing the best angles by nailing your composition at the same time. Turn on the grid of the camera so you can practice placing your subjects in each section with the rule of thirds.

With the Huawei Nova 5T, you can do instant photo shoots or take cityscapes, landscapes and ace your street photography with its various photography modes. One particular feature where you can do that is using the ultra-wide lens. You can literally see the bigger picture once you immerse yourself with. You can use this when you want to take into account your entire surroundings and give a different breath to it.

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Discover all kinds of photography. We’ve seen the popular niches with fashion, street and travel photography rule our social network feeds. On your way towards being a pro with a phone, research different kinds of photography that you might take a liking to. After all, there are so many types of photography that are definitely worth exploring.

One of the features that make the Huawei Nova 5T’s camera work for any kind of photography is that with its rear lenses, you get a lens dedicated for the situation you need to shoot in. The smartphone’s camera features a macro mode with a dedicated macro lens where you can shoot at a 4cm distance. It has the ideal high-resolution that shows incredible detail of small objects. 

Don’t forget to clean your lens. While you’ve got the entire basics of starting with smartphone photography, there’s one rule that all pros follow and that is cleaning your lens. A clean camera lens is a necessity especially if you’re trying to capture images that are time sensitive or when you’re on-the-go.

The Huawei Nova 5T has three rear camera lenses: wide (48 MP, F/1.8, 28mm), ultra-wide (16MP, f/2.2, 13mm) and a dedicated macro camera (2mp, F/2.4, depth sensor). Along with that, its selfie camera can capture 32 mega-pixel photos! Can you imagine all the details in your selfie and timer shots? If flexibility in shooting is what you’re looking for, this smartphone has it.

Learning photography shouldn’t be intimidating. While professionals have an insane amount of gear in their arsenal, starting out with photography shouldn’t cost you an arm or leg.  The Huawei Nova 5T comes in Black, Crush Blue and Midsummer Purple and is priced at Php 18,990. You can already start purchasing your own model so you can start snapping away and become the pro you’re meant to be!

For more information, check out all the wonderful features of the Huawei Nova 5T on the official Huawei website.

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