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In Focus: 3 Moments That Made Ricci Rivero's First Game As A Fighting Maroon Memorable

In Focus: 3 Moments That Made Ricci Rivero's First Game As A Fighting Maroon Memorable


Ricci Rivero is back on the court, and he didn't disappoint! It was only his first official game playing for the University of the Philippines last week, but it didn't take him long to remind us once again what magic he can bring in the basketball arena.

Just the fact that he's returning excites fans, no doubt about it. He and the entire Fighting Maroons got off to a good start, making UP's comeback worth the wait and even more memorable. Here, let us give you a recap of Ricci's impressive game during the opening of the season:

The 360 dunk

The UP transferee wowed us when he made that one-hand slam his first two points during the game—thanks to teammate Jun Manzo's quick pass which made it possible. We don't know about you, but that was sensational and wild, even international sports sites can't disagree.

UP won

With 61-55 lead against the FEU Tamaraws, the Maroons earned their first victory this season. It was Javi Gomez de Liaño who got the major double figure points, but it's only right and just to give due credits to the rest who contributed in the match including Ricci with 7. UP in the finals again, yes?

Short shorts

If there's anything that could top the above-mentioned highlights, it's nothing but the short shorts. While others are giving the jersey their approval, sorry to say the UP team has no plan to keep it all throughout the season. Coach Bo Perasol made it clear it's more of a wardrobe malfunction than a retro fashion comeback. It could be the first and last time you'll ever see them in it.

This may only be the start of the season, but of this we're sure: Ricci's UP debut deserves to be considered one of the best. Remember not to get caught up in the hype, though. As Ricci mentioned, we can't dwell on our feelings, rather get our heads in the game. Still, we can't wait for Fighting Maroons to outdo themselves over the succeeding games!

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