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In Focus: What It's Like To Date Someone From Another School

In Focus: What It's Like To Date Someone From Another School



When it comes to dating in college, some people prefer to date people who are in the same school as them because they believe it's easier. Well, there might be parts about this that's true, it still can be very rewarding to date someone who doesn't go to the same school as you!

Just because you and your partner go to different places, it doesn't mean that your relationship wouldn't work out. You'll be surprised that, maybe, this is something that would actually benefit you when it comes to your individual lives, too! If you're currently worried about the possibily of you and your partner studying at different schools, listed below are the pros and cons of this kind of relationship:

1. You get to see what it's like to study from another school.

This is absolutely one of the perks of dating someone from another school that other relationships don't have: it's the advantage of going to another school and seeing what it's like to be a student there without worrying about tuition fees! Visiting your partner turns to a tour around campus, learning more about the school's culture, attending events, and the most fun part: eating around the best places around their campus! You'll be able to experience things from their school that you might never be able to experience in yours.

2. You'll have more friends.

Since you and your partner don't go to the same school, it's likely that you don't have the same circle of friends. When your own friends are busy, you can just ask his friends to hang out with you! At the same time, you won't have to worry about spending time around your partner's campus premises when your partner isn't around because you could just call their friends and meet up with them!

3. There's no possibility of losing your individuality.

When you and your partner are studying in the same school, people around you would unconsciously get used to seeing you two together all the time. But when you're on your own around campus, everyone would look at you as your own person and recognize you not for your relationship. Plus, you'll both have your personal space to do things you enjoy doing alone even before you became a couple which, in return, would make you a more independent person!

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4. It's hard to decide who to support when you and his school is competing.

In moments when your and your partner's schools are competing, it can get pretty difficult to decide which side you're goingto cheer for especially if your partner is one of the people who's competing! At the times like this, it can get difficult to decide which side of the court you're on. But, at the end of the day, you know that no competition can ever tear you two apart.

5. You always make the most out of your time together.

Campus couples who see each other everyday can get into a routine and possibly affect their relationship. Although, there had been a lot of couples who remain strong even if they spend time together every single day, there's just really a painful yet warm feeling when you only get to see your partner once or twice a week which in return gives you the desire to make the most out of your time together—even if it's just an indoor date binge-watching your favorite Netflix shows and eating homemade popcorn. 

As scary as it sounds, you don't really have anything to be afraid of when you're dating someone who's studying a bit far away. No amount of distance can break your relationship as long as there's love, trust, and consistency—just choose what you think is best for your relationship, and everything will be alright!

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