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In Focus: Why Every K-Pop Stan Is Loving SB19 Right Now

In Focus: Why Every K-Pop Stan Is Loving SB19 Right Now


The internet has been talking big about this new breed of Pinoy boy group called SB19, and who can blame them? It isn't often for pop music buffs to come across artists that would meet their expectations, but this quintet effortlessly did just that. What's more impressive is that they were also able to move K-pop fans who are very particular when it comes choosing the act to stan!

SB19, composed of members Sejun, Stell, Josh, Ken, and Justin, is the first idol group from the Philippines trained by a Korean entertainment company. They sing, they dance, and work to make a name internationally as the country's pride. It's a risk they're taking for someone drawing inspiration from K-pop, but they sure giving it justice.

You can tell they're fated to captivate K-pop stans, but what really makes it so easy for them to do that? We asked a few legit K-pop enthusiasts on what they think about breakout group SB19!

"Mataas kasi standard ng showmanship sa K-pop. Polished dapat yung stage performances. Minsan kasi kahit hindi naman super complex nung choreography, maganda nang tignan basta sabay-sabay and pantay-pantay yung energy. Sobrang refreshing lang na makakita ng Pinoy pop group na at par with K-pop groups." - Jaehwa

Just when you thought local groups can't master the art of synchronization, there comes SB19. Yep, it's the top thing that'll stand out right from the very first time you watch them. And if you think that doesn't make them good enough, here's more: they make their own dance routines. *gets ready to see your jaws drop any moment now*

"Ang ganda ng lyrics nila! Mabuhay ang OPM. Parang pang classic yung lyrics nila, lalo na yung ballads. Hands down sa "TilaLuha" at "Hanggang Sa Huli." 'Yung harmony nila dito iba. Tsaka bop yung "Go Up," LSS ako agad." - Regina

They might be K-pop-inspired, aiming for global attention, but that doesn't stop SB19 from singing in our language. Last year, they put out their debut single "TilaLuha" in full-Filipino, something you wouldn't notice at the beginning because of its K-drama-like sound that'll get you carried away at once. It's neither corny nor cringey. We just personally believe it's beautiful to see our own take over the world in just the way it is, no pretense.

"They're very well-trained like the K-pop groups I usually listen to. From music to choreo, even vocals, (all are) great. And obvious na super talented and hard-working nila and it shows! All of it really paid off. Hope they break barriers and sumikat sila in our country!" - Ken

While being signed to Korean company ShowBT, SB19 went to three years-worth of hourly vocal and dance training everyday. To prove themselves even more, they strive to rehearse choreography a thousand times for their latest track "Go Up." They also produce self-hosted YouTube content to help you get to know them more. Talk about dedication!

"Living proof sila na kaya ng Pinoy 'yung ganong quality performance same as real K-pop groups. Spark of hope sila na pwedeng maimprove yung skills ng Pinoy performers kung masusundan natin yung pattern." - Clara

Talent is just so evident in the case of SB19, so it didn't come as a suprise to see them make a buzz. And as representative of the Philippines, we're optimistic of the future they hold for P-pop. If other aspiring artists will keep up the same discipline that they practice, they too will pave the path to success. We better be on the watch.

This is such a big moment in the Pinoy music scene. For one, it ushers a new era of local idol groups. Second, it taught Filos not to look farther away than our very own SB19. Expect nothing less from us but to say that they deserve to be in the limelight. So K-pop fan or not, you shouldn't sleep on SB19 'cause they are here to stay whether you like it or not.

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