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In Focus: What We Learned From MarNigo's Reunion

In Focus: What We Learned From MarNigo's Reunion


In life, some things have to be just the way they are, even it's not what you planned, what you expected, or what you hoped for. Case in point: Maris Racal and Inigo Pascual not ending up together. But there's no use asking yourself where did your prayer circles go wrong because what matters is, it didn't prevent them from being on good terms.

They should have made it, we get it, been there, wished that. But see, MarNigo's situation has its own way of working out in the end. It took them much heartbreak to be where they are now. Thank goodness they know so well that instead of dwelling in the heartbreak, it's better to acknowledge the lessons it bear. And you know what, you should, too. Here's what we learned from the duo that we hold dear to our hearts:

Talk it out.

Be mature enough to talk things out, and let the other party know how you feel. It takes a lot of courage but MarNigo knew that this is the most they can do to sort their pain, overcome the hatred and save whatever's left of them.

Learn to apologize.

Pretty sure both of you would end up hurt one way or another, and aplogizing (even when you think it's not your fault) makes a big difference. It means you value each other enough that you wouldn't want them to disappear in your life. That's what MarNigo basically did, and it totally it makes sense.

Move on.

Acceptance is the key, unless you're lucky to have someone you like, like you back or have them ready to commit to a relationship. Take this as an opportunity to realize that there people who are meant to be just your friends. For that, we commend Maris and Inigo.

Be thankful for what you have.

What makes them more special is the fact that they found it in themselves to remain friends despite what happened. We never really understood what people meant when they say, "Don't cry because it's over, smile because it happened," until we met these two, so thank you, MarNigo.

"Will they?" and "Are they?" are no longer the questions to be answered here. Maris and Inigo have proven that "almost" relationships do not always have to be failed friendships, too. It's never really easy to accept our fave loveteam not going from reel to real but for these two, we're open to making exceptions. So, are they going to the ABS-CBN Ball together for old time's sake?

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