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In Focus: Why Park Seo Joon Is Being Dubbed As The "Asian Ryan Gosling"

In Focus: Why Park Seo Joon Is Being Dubbed As The


Was it at She Was Pretty or Dream High 2? We can't remember when our crush for Park Seo Joon started, but it wasn't love at first sight, to be honest. It's not even that we just jumped on the hype when Fight My Way was trending. It's that kind of attraction that grows naturally and helplessly over time, episode by episode, drama after drama. How can it not when he always presents us the straight-to-the-point and will-do-anything-for-you boyfriend material?

While he's obviously doing a good job in the romance scene, we all know Seo Joon is also owning it well in the action scene, recently versus supernatural evil forces in his critically-acclaimed movie The Divine Fury. He surprises with something new everytime, so there's no wonder why he left a great impression to Hollywood filmmakers who even called him the "Asian Ryan Gosling" which, to be fair, is actually an accurate description of our oppa, and we've got all the reasons why below:

1. His versatile acting

What stands out in Seo Joon and Ryan Gosling's semblance are their knacks for acting. They can both do drama, comedy, romance, horror, action, name it. They don't just take a handful of projects but also trophies recognizing their unparalleled status as actors.

2. Sparking on-screen chemistry

While others find it hard to click onscreen, Seo Joon and Ryan generate spark before you know it—whoever they're coupled up. Even when it's playing bromance with fellow male stars, there's no denying the chemistry that they show. It makes us ask sometimes, are they romantic IRL? Tell us if you know, it's for science.

3. Having a hidden singing talent 

Life isn't fair but how ironic is it that these two happen to excel in singing, too? Though Seo Joon only got to prove his singer side a few times in the Dream High sequel and in drama OSTs, it's only a matter of time til he get his own La La Land.

3. Possessing that sexy leading man aura

Only Seo Joon and Ryan can capture hearts with their brooding demeanor and impressive kick of humor. Sometimes, they get us smitten by doing nothing at all. It's part of being an actor to exhibit a certain appeal, but theirs is on an inexplicable level that will get you swooning in a heartbeat.

4. Not the average pretty boy 

When it comes to looks, theirs are smouldering enough to sweep us off our feet. They may not be your usual "pogi" like you boy-next-door crush, but it doesn't matter. They exude that charm which makes them look sexier and sexier every time we lay our eyes on them.

5. Flaunting an amazing physique 

If you believe Ryan Gosling is the sexiest man alive, just think of Seo Joon's shirtless moments in Fight My Way, and they would make you have the same idea about this Korean superstar, too. That's it. Nothing else to say here.

We always thought it'd be difficult to think of Hollywood actors' Asian counterparts, but what do we do when Park Seo Joon has been keen on proving he isn't a regular oppa? We won't be surprised if he makes his acting debut in the west anytime soon. Brace for impact if that happens, America.

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