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Cheat Sheet: These Fashionista Non-Negotiables Will Keep Your Clothes Looking Brand New!

Cheat Sheet: These Fashionista Non-Negotiables Will Keep Your Clothes Looking Brand New!

Being a total clothes lover is anything but easy. Besides upgrading your wardrobe (with the trendiest and classiest styles!) and painstakingly deciding your #OOTDs, maintaining your clothes’ quality can also be challenging. You’ve spent bucks collecting your treasures. Might as well work hard to preserve them!

Instead of replacing your clothes every now and then, learn hacks that will keep them looking good-as-new. Check out the clothes lover non-negotiables we handpicked for you!

Sewing kit. We’re not asking you to tailor your own clothes (although that would be really cool, tbh)! But a sewing kit is pretty handy, especially if you need to patch holes, mend seams, fix hems, or re-attach buttons. No need to hire someone else for minor garment repairs!

Lint remover. Your clothes say a lot about you: your personality, your taste, and sometimes, even your mood. And wearing outfits with dust, pet hair, or dandruff might give people the wrong impression—like you’re disheveled. The solution? Always bring a lint remover with you! Remove those pesky kinds of stuff that might ruin your outfit and your overall vibe.

Iron and steamer. Wrinkles don’t look good on clothes. It’s a must to pick a dependable iron and steamer to get rid of stubborn creases. Just make sure you’re using the right setting before ironing anything—burning your precious garments or transferring colors on fabrics are major no-nos.

An effective anti-aging detergent. Choosing detergents that promise to keep your clothes clean and fragrant isn’t enough. Go for a ‘clothes care expert’ wash, like NEW Comfort Care Detergent. It has anti-aging technology that fights clothes aging and prevents color fading, roughness, shape loss, pilling, and yellowing on your favorites, keeping them New For Longer. A true clothes lover treats her clothes as her treasures. And what better way to show you value your outfits than by giving them the TLC they deserve?

Watch Manila’s most fashionable like Sarah Lahbati swear by this new fashion essential:

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