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In Focus: Why Maja And Janella Salvador Make A Powerful Duo

In Focus: Why Maja And Janella Salvador Make A Powerful Duo


While the legacy of Ivy Aguas and Lily Cruz's remains strong, there's no way we can afford to overlook the newest hit teleserye Killer Bride that is upping the primetime slot right now. We can't really begin to tell you how much we're hooked on its mysterious genre-defying storyline, thrilling plot twists, and, on top of that, incredibly star-studded cast led by not one but two Salvadors, Maja and Janella! 

Just in case you're still wondering, it's true that the two Kapamilya stars are related. After some family tree check, it appears that Janella is Maja's niece. But don't think thay they share only just a last name because apart from that is a whole bunch of equally powerful qualities that scream victory for girl power, ones that we truly cannot put into simple words so we might as well break it down for you below:

They're both multitalented.

There's no shortage of talent when comes to Maja and Janella. Both can act, dance, sing, and even host. In fact, they have made it internationally with Maja collaborating with Thai artist Thor Saksit and Janella being Disney's pick to sing Moana's theme song "How Far I'll Go". Definitely, these queens are worthy to stan!

They can nail just any roles.

Whatever script you hand these two, they can do it, be it a sweetheart, the bully, the oppressed, or a villain. And they've made it their mission to prove that their stellar acting is versatile no matter what genre! It only makes sense that Maja and Janella never last for long away from spotlight, hopping from one project to another. Now, it's such a delight to have them back on our screens!

They can make a name for themselves.

No need for leading men, Maja and Janella do shine on their own. But if they're paired up with an actor, guarantee that they can spark onscreen chemistry that will give you a surge of kilig! MarNella or JoshNella, CocoMaj or MajSeph, we're always open to see where their career takes them love team-wise. But really, MajNella alone is more than enough!

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They stand for what they believe in.

Talent's just one part of how amazing they are. Both are also known for being outspoken, and that's something that they should be proud of. Imagine not being afraid to use your platform to stand for something and educate others. Maja taught us to be unbothered by judgements because we know ourselves better, while Janella urges us to love ourselves first. They're as real as it gets on and off camera.

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Killer Bride is Maja and Janella's first project together, and it's surprising to see them make a great team from the get go. This could probably be the most promising girl power duo we've seen in a while!

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