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In Focus: Things You Should Never Do While You’re Angry

In Focus: Things You Should Never Do While You’re Angry


By Angeline Cheng

Anger can make us do crazy, unwanted things: break up with our significant other, disrespectfully shout at our parents, push people away, and so many other things that we always wish we could take back but just can’t. Although we are perfectly aware that the heat of exasperation can mess up with our minds big time, it still takes a lot of effort for us to control ourselves from the impulsive things we do... which ultimately lead up to regrets.

To avoid any further pangs of guilty conscience in the future, we’ve made a list of some of the scenarios that you should avoid when you’re angry:

1. Keep arguing.

One hot head is a mess, and two’s a disaster. If you’re already enraged, you might as well turn around and stop arguing further because that will just add more fuel to the flame. As tempting as it may be to make sure your point comes across and land a satisfying jab, it’s always better to have yourself under control by extinguishing the fire early on. Remember, arguing is like a quicksand; the more aggressive you become in waddling your way out, the more stuck you’ll become.

2. Rant on social media.

Every one of us has the right to remain silent, and even our own Constitution reminds us to do so, for every word we say can be used against us. That also applies to everyone who’s in the brink of a rant marathon on social media. Yes, it’s nice to be able to vent out the steam clouding your mind. But know that when it’s out, the world can take receipts. We don’t want any regrets, do we?

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3. Drive.

There’s a reason why those driving accident scenarios of extremely angry teleserye characters are a mainstay in every drama show plot. Things like this really happen, so you better avoid it. Be responsible enough to keep your anger at bay because life is too precious for you to waste, not to mention that there are people on the road who are pretty much loving their own life, too.

4. Make decisions.

People always say “never make promises when you’re happy, and never make decisions when you’re angry,” and that is why this item deserves a spot on this list. One badly-timed decision can break you in a lot of different ways, and you wouldn’t want that to happen, right? Decisions should be well-thought, and there would be no time for you to think clearly when you’re angry, so you better cool off first before making one.

5. Talk to important people.

When your work and grades are on the line, you better think twice before you talk to important people like your boss or your teacher while there’s still a thunderstorm brewing inside you. When you’re angry, your voice, tone, gestures, and facial expressions will say so much, and you surely don’t want your superiors seeing all of these because it might cost you a lot.

6. Lash out on your loved ones.

When you’re on the verge of breaking down because of fury, your better judgment gets a little too compromised and you can become super irritable to minor things including the usual nagging of your mom or the simple questions from your significant other. When it’s getting too frustrating, always remember to take a step back, breathe, and remind yourself that these people have nothing to do with your infuriation, and they don’t deserve the harsh words you might unleash, if ever.

At the end of the day, know that it’s valid to become angry because you’re only human, and anger is a basic human emotion. But on top of it, always commit to memory that every action has consequences, and it’s better for you to handle your emotions well beforehand than suffer the dire aftermaths.

When you think that the rage you’re feeling is about to get the best of you, try to distract yourself by calming down, finding your spot of safe haven, or even reading books and watching movies to allow your mind to let go of the negativity. All in all, no matter what happens, never let a few moments of anger destroy you in the long run.

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