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In Focus: These Stylish Girls Will Inspire You To Get Back On Film Photography

In Focus: These Stylish Girls Will Inspire You To Get Back On Film Photography


Our love of taking pictures is never going away, may it be for preserving the memories or for the sake of maintaining our social media feeds. And to be honest, we aren't ones to settle down with just anything, upload it, and call it a day, especially in this generation when it's easy to get overwhelmed by filters and presets. Relate much?

But before you get going and buy those editing apps, you might want to consider a much more exciting way to keep your feeds' aesthetic. Enter: film photography. Long before digital innovation happened, there's that challenge of capturing photos out of nowhere and having no idea how it'll turn out. And as an analog enthusiast myself, I can testify to the satisfaction it brings while loading a film to a camera, getting rolls developed, and waiting for the photos to be ready. If that doesn't convince you, let these influencers do the rest of the work:

Camie Juan

New York-based content creator Camie isn't stopping from impressing us with her travel photos, much more now that she's giving the hit-and-miss type of photography a try. You'll definitely fall in love with the #nofilter vintage effect it has!

Ida Anduyan

We can't get enough of this fashion blogger serving edgy looks every now and then. And now, she's spending time taking OOTDs on film, proving its timeless power. You know something that's classic will never go out of style, perhaps just like her outfits.

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Angelique Manto

One thing we love about this TV host's Instagram is her zest for details from her recent life happenings. And the vividness and deep contrast of film photography helps her do the honor of telling us clearly the whole story behind it, without her saying a word.

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Rhea Bue

Shooting with film comes with the tendency of producing blurred and overexposed photos but that doesn't matter for this vlogger who's head over heels in love with the process. And though she's all new to it, Rhea's first scanned rolls could already pass as Italy's official postcards, seriously!

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Film is not dead—there, we said it. Sure, it requires much effort and thought in clicking in due to the fact that it has no do-overs. But doesn't that what make our work more meaningful? Keeping this history of photography alive is worth it aesthetics-wise or not. So go ahead and cop your very own film cam!

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