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In Focus: 5 Homegrown Songs You Need To Hear Right Now If You're Feeling Down

In Focus: 5 Homegrown Songs You Need To Hear Right Now If You're Feeling Down


By Maan de Vera

Even when you try so hard to remain positive, the ugly truth is that you are bound to get hurt every now and then. On top of this, not everyone will understand your pain and the people you expect to share the burden with might not be to support you as well. That's life.

So when all hope is lost and there is no way to save yourself from drowning with your sadness, play these songs and know that whatever you are going through right now will pass.

1. "Settled" - The Ransom Collective

Hush now
Keep your head down
Move fast
Soon they'll find out
Keep your thoughts together
Move fast now or never

Have you ever felt like it’s impossible to snap out of your routine? It can really be suffocating to realize that your everyday has turned into a cycle that makes you miserable. "Settled" is a reminder that you are always one decision away from turning your day around and going on a journey that genuinely excites and fulfills you.

2. "Sunrise" - Ben&Ben

Sunrise, show my weary heart
That new day will soon arrive

There are things that are out of our control and no matter how hard we try to change them. However, there are times when the best thing to do is to just let it be. Listening to "Sunrise" will assure you that even though things are not so good as of now and you can’t do anythinng but accept it, the sun will eventually rise again.

3. "Kapit" - Armi Millare

Higpitan ko ang kapit sa Diyos
Maliwanag na rin
Eto na't parating
Matatapos ang lahat ng pagsubok na 'to

Everything is definitely much simpler as kids which is why growing up can be overwhelming, and we all can relate to that. On the other hand, "Kapit" reminds us that we must all hold on to the good and more so the bad moments that we encounter as these challenges will make us who we are meant to be.

4. "Tahanan" - Munimuni

Mga himig na inilaan sa'yo
Kunin at ibaon sa puso mo
Bagong araw ay paparating
Hintayin ang pagkakataon

Feeling sad can make us unconsciously push people who genuinely care for us away. Being alone with your emotions is sometimes easier than explaining especially when you don’t understand how you truly feel just yet. However, "Tahanan" makes you feel like you are with someone who completely gets what you are going through even without saying anything and that they will help you get through it in any way that they can.

5. "Human Eyes" - Clara Benin

I wanna see the unseen
Sing what's never sung before
Revel on the mysteries
Be able to trust the unknown
Fill me up so I can know
Though I'm blinded by human eyes

There are instances when all it takes to get over an ill feeling is to take a step back and reassess why it has been causing you distress. Once you’ve taken a look at the bigger picture, you may find out that there is really no reason to be upset over superficial things. "Human Eyes" will encourage you to pick yourself up by focusing on the things that truly matter to you.

Songs have an inexplicable way to touch your soul in ways nothing else can. If you feel like you need a good cry, an alone time to process your thoughts, or you just want to unplug from everything else, just remember that music will always have your back.

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