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In Focus: Reasons Why We Want BLACKPINK and Ariana Grande To Collaborate

In Focus: Reasons Why We Want BLACKPINK and Ariana Grande To Collaborate


The first time that we saw BLACKPINK and Ariana Grande together in one photo, we got way too excited that our favorite legends have finally met each other! They only met a few months ago at Coachella, but the dream of them collaborating has been around since 2017. It all started when BLACKPINK member Jisoo performed Ariana Grande's hit song "Side to Side" during one of their appearances on Inikgayo

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Since then, we've been seeing a lot of wishful tweets from their fans asking them to release a song together especially now that Ariana had shared on her Twitter account that she's interested in collaborating with BLACKPINK!

Music producer Tommy Brown, the mastermind behind Ariana's "thank u, next" and "7 rings," apparently hung out in Seoul with BLACKPINK and even posted a photo on his Instagram. To this, Ariana commented, 'This is the best photo I’ve ever seen' and requested to be "photoshopped" in it! Honestly, if this dream collab happens, our BLINK-Arianator hearts will never be more hyped up!

And to further drive our point home, here are more reasons why Ari, Jisoo, Jennie, Lisa, and Rose should get in the studio, stat!

1. They both represent the black and pink concept. 

Basically, the name "BLACKPINK" is all about bringing out a fierce kind of femininity which the girls exude through their swag-filled pop sound and tough chick aesthetics. And it's safe to say that Ariana also pushes for the same branding given her motivatonal tracks and sweet-meets-sultry style. Just imagine all the peg-worthy visuals and the girl power anthem that may come out of this collaboration. Aah, what a dream!

2. They are #squadgoals in every sense of the term. 

Even before BLACKPINK became a global girl group, the members already shared to their fans that they're huge fans of Ari. From covering her songs to attending her Seoul concert, the girls aren't shy about showing their Arianator side! So when they met at Coachella and took the squad photo we never knew we needed, it basically broke the internet. Unfortunately, Jisoo was missing in the photo, but if the odds are in our favor, we'll be seeing them all together in more photos soon!

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3. Their MVs are always visually the coolest.

There's no question as to how Koreans take the art of crafting music videos to a whole new level which is one of the reasons why BLACKPINK's releases are always trending and breaking records. They also had a healthy "competition" this year with Ari when their video for "Kill This Love" dethroned Ariana's "thank u, next" with the most views during its release! Now, if we get one music video with these five queens in it, we can only predict how many YouTube records they'll smash without much effort. Legends only!

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4. Their stage presence are both fierce and powerful.

Without a doubt, BLACKPINK and Ariana became popular because of their outstanding stage presence, proving that they're pop divas in their own right. Plus, their stage outfits and setup are always on point, convincing us that they know how to serve a well-rounded  live experience! Just imagine hearing Rosé and Ariana hitting those high notes, Jisoo harmonizing with her angelic voice, and Jennie and Lisa rapping with so much energy—we can already feel the chills!

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5. BLINKs and Arianators are one and the same.

These fandoms aren't just two of the biggest fandoms in the world, but they're also the sweetest and most supportive when it comes to their idols. But what makes it really cool is that most of the people in these fandoms are one and the same, meaning some of them are both a BLINK and an Arianator, so getting along isn't really a problem! You would rarely see these fandoms arguing because they both love BLACKPINK and Ariana—it's safe to say that they're already sister fandoms!

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We all loved seeing BLACKPINK and Ariana interacting, so we can only imagine what it would be like once they collaborate musically for real. But while we're still waiting for the news of the century, let's just continue suppporting them because these girl power icons definitely deserve all the love in the world!

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