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#BlytheByCareline: Why Andrea Brillantes’ Collection Should Go Straight To Your First Makeup Kit

#BlytheByCareline: Why Andrea Brillantes’ Collection Should Go Straight To Your First Makeup Kit


When it comes to makeup, our first memories may be of sneaking our way to our mom’s vanity table, naively swiping lipstick across our face, and perhaps stealing an eyeshadow palette that we had no idea what to do with. It’s a classic case of taking a peek at the world of adults and dipping our toes to a whole new path to self-discovery.

Once we hit our teenage years, this process gets all the more fun. We have access to products, friends to share this experience with, and personalities who inspire us to explore all the ways we can express ourselves through beauty. And one of the faces who’s currently changing the game for bright-eyed girls is 16-year-old actress Andrea Brillantes who just launched her very own makeup line with beauty authority Careline.

Blythe by Careline (coined after Andrea’s real name) is a breath of fresh air for those who are just starting their journey with makeup. At this point, the market is saturated with collaborations and eponymous brands from celebrities, but none can be as relatable to young teens as Andrea’s galaxy-themed, playfully packaged, and experiment-friendly offerings.

According to Miya Inomata, Brand Manager of Careline, it felt right to give Andrea (who’s a longtime ambassador of the brand) her very own collection of products that exudes her youthful spirit. “When we rebranded Careline to cater to college students and young adults, the products became very limited. And when we saw that there’s an opportunity to create ‘cute’ products that may not suit our current market, we decided to do a collaboration that the Gen Z would enjoy,” she shares. “And we thought that Andrea was the perfect fit for it.”

She may be the youngest celebrity to have her own line, but the Kadenang Ginto star was actually hands-on during the whole process, as Miya reveals. “I would ask her what shades she wanted to be in the collection,” and Andrea gamely suggested bold colors like blue and violet. From the start, the Careline team knew that it wouldn’t be a typical range of nudes and pinks. Admittedly, it would be a challenge to sell, but they also realized that the more personal touch the products would have, hopefully, the more people would love them. True enough, Andrea’s playful vision came through. Case in point: the Majestic Matte Lipstick comes in the shades Vixen, a deep purple hue, and Cosmos, an electric blue shade.

Speaking of the final output, another must-try product from Andrea’s freshly launched Hyper Cosmic collection is the Cloud Tint, her favorite and the line’s answer to our massive obsession with tints and handy, all-around products. As for our personal pick, we were able to get our hands on the Stardust Palette, and we honestly couldn’t put it down. It comes with three highlighter shades, a sun-kissed peach, a soft illuminating pink, and a dreamy iridescent shade that literally looks like stardust on your skin.

But if we’re talking about Andrea’s signature look, her eyebrows are always the star. Blessed with bold and bushy brows, one can agree that she’s our very own Lily Collins or Cara Delevingne. So it’s only apt for her to release a product that would let us mortals achieve her otherworldly eyebrows. Thankfully, Blythe offers the Perfect Brow Trio, a three-in-one pencil, powder, and gel that’s basically all you need to score the brow of your dreams whatever way you like it.

From the doodles on the packaging down to the vouch-worthy quality of the products themselves, Blythe by Careline is practically a celestial blessing for every young, sassy Filipina who’s now ready to take a bigger yet bouncy step into her beauty journey. According to Andrea herself, “I want everyone to see that there are many things you can do with makeup. You can experiment, and have fun with different looks to create different personalities.” After all, as her debut collection suggests, the galaxy is your playground when it comes to discovering your inner beauty maven. So don’t be afraid to take a shot at the stars, gorgeous!

Photographed by Charisma Lico
Styled by Randz Manucom & Eldzs Mejia
Makeup by Jelly Eugenio
Hair by RJ Dela Cruz

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