5 Interior Design Ideas Based on Xian Lim's Wonderful Home

5 Interior Design Ideas Based on Xian Lim's Wonderful Home


Getting to see Xian Lim's house is getting to know who he is. His type of comfy dwelling resonates well on his personality. See him through wonders of his place he called home.

Known for being musician, Xian gets this skill from her mother, who used to work as a Piano teacher in Daly City, California. His love for music is visible on his living area. A major attraction in the room is the white baby grand piano made by Aeolian Organ & Music Co. (1887) of New York.


The 26 year old-actor has a passion for taxidermy, defined as the preparing, stuffing and mounting the skins of animals for display. There is a stuffed dear head mounted on one wall and rugs of cow and zebra on the floor.

TIP #1: If you have a room smaller than this and want to make it appear larger, suggests you paint the wall using lighter colors.



The kitchen room is painted white and characterized with contemporary influences justified by its bar stools and modern kitchen appliances.

TIP #2: To achieve a colorful look, try painting the kitchen cabinets black and add some red backless high bar stools.



The eight-seater dining table is rarely used and is mostly for entertaining guests. The dining room is adjacent to living room that makes entertaining for guest to switch around where to eat their food.

TIP #3: Does your house space limits you from entertaining many guests? It still achievable to invite a small number of visitors and still make a room for dining look attractive.



Xian Lim let StarStudio see his private space which is sparsely furnished. A life-sized stuffed bear is resting on its place. It's the same bear Xian gave to his rumored girlfriend Kim Chiu, The one displayed is an identical bear for himself.

TIP #4: Gone were the days when people were attuned in using lamp shades. Decorative bulbs that hang on both side saves up space on top of bedside cabinets.


Xian's walk-in closet is a sliding glass cabinet which allow him to completely see-through what's inside.

TIP #5: To maximize the space of the cabinets, adding shoe drawers below will be a perfect idea. No time will be wasted in running from your closet to your shoe gallery.

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