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In Focus: Music Recommendations From BTS' V That You Probably Haven't Heard Of Yet

In Focus: Music Recommendations From BTS' V That You Probably Haven't Heard Of Yet


If you needed one, here's another reason to love BTS' V even more: his music recommendations. Well, we can't help but take them into consideration because, as biased as it sounds, everything Taehyung loves gets us interested no matter what. When he isn't busy creating music for BTS, he spends time appreciating works of other talented artists from pop and ballad to hip hop and classical. And we've actually never met anyone who has a broader taste in music than him!

Sure, it's hard to keep track of new releases everyday, but Tae's posts on their group's shared Twitter account are great references. Take note, though, none of the songs in his list are from big name singers. Some are only starting out while others have been around for quite some time but have yet to receive attention from the mainstream crowd. Good thing Tae knows good music when he hears one. Here are his picks that you should definitely add to your playlist now:

"comethru" by Jeremy Zucker

This song from rising singer-songwriter Jeremy will get you feeling sad and positive all at the same time while literally reminding us that it's sometimes okay to be alone and take in the world on your own. To that, we can hear Taehyung agreeing in the background.

"Trying My Best" by Anson Seabra

We thought we've got all good music figured out until Tae introduced us this healing music from YouTube artist Anson. The Bangtan member also has his fair share of carefully-crafted reflective solos but what loss would it be for him to find an ally? If, for some reason you want to let it all out, start here.

"BLACKJACK" by Aminé

It's been cool to see the rapper Taehyung jump out of his comfort zone recently on Twitter while jamming out to this badass single of Portland rapper Aminé. If we're being honest, it's "flaunt it" theme sounds so much like "MIC DROP." You'll have no regets giving it a chance.

"Meet Again" by Maxo Kream

No one can put this masterpiece of old school hip hop bars off Taehyung's radar. It also carries themes that would hit home hard which obviously come close to BTS' expertise: What else is there to say besides that everyone needs to hear this?

"Places We Won't Walk" by Bruno Major

Looking for a substitute to your favorite Sam Smith and LANY songs? This song fits right in the criteria, proving Bruno's knack for writing heartbreaking lyrics. But it would pierce deeper now knowing that Tae has a thing for it, too!

"Gin & Tonic" by Peakboy

It's not surprising how K-pop star Peakboy got the approval of his friend V. His song is sooo uniquely catchy, and we don't think that Tae is simply being biased. It's no use attempting to get it out off your head because it just won't.

If there's any musical taste deserving of your ears, we think it's Taehyung's. Just hit the follow button on @@BTS_twt, and you'll have yourself a comprehensive playlist that goes beyond the popular tunes and your entire discography collection of BTS. We just wish he posts there on a daily basis. Fingers crossed!

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