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In Focus: Why Your Partner Shouldn't Be Your Top Priority

In Focus: Why Your Partner Shouldn't Be Your Top Priority


A romantic relationship can have a postive effect in your life once you enter one. From being your source of motivation to making you feel appreciated, your significant other has the tendency to bring out the best in you and let you conquer the world. But is this enough to make a person your top priority?

As much as you love the other person, making your partner your top priority can shift the healthy balance to a disaster. Putting yourself first and the other things that you need in life over your relationship doesn't make you selfish, in case you haven't realized that yet. Here, we break down why your life should never revolve around your relationship.

1. You forget the true meaning of happiness.

One of the things that people with partners usually take for granted is their own happiness because they believe that once they make their partner happy, they'll become happy, too! When in reality, one's happiness would always depend on how you make yourself happy⁠—not how you make other people happy.

2. You sacrifice your wellbeing.

Being too dependent on your partner's presence is the most dangerous thing you could do in your relationship. When the person isn't around, you will feel useless which can take a toll on your emotional and mental wellbeing. At the same time, it could highly affect your physical health, too, in moments when you would rather take care of them than take care of yourself.

3. You'll lose your individuality.

We're all born as unique individuals which means we have our own interests and goals. Whether we start dating someone or not, our individuality should still remain intact whatever happens. That's why if you prioritize your partner's desires and compromise your aspirations to appease to them, then your sense of individuality chip away and you'll likely lose yourself in the process. 

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4. You'll experience a lot of disappointment.

Once you put someone as your priority, you unconsciously begin to expect a lot of things from them. Usually, you'd want something in return to the effort that you exert on them. There's nothing wrong in expectations in relationship, but what makes it a dissapointment is when you expect so high that even your partner doesn't know how to reach it. Be realistic, you aren't each other's whole world no matter how romantic that concept may seem to be.

5. You might end up with nothing. 

As much as we desire to date someone who would be with us for the rest of our lives, it's hard to predict what the future holds. You could be lovey-dovey today, and feel neglected tomorrow. You don't know what your significant other could do once the love is gone. In most cases, your partner is more prone to leaving you if you end up making them feel that you prioritize them over the other important things you have in your life. And once they're gone, you'll feel left with absolutely nothing.

Don't forget to make it clear to yourself and your partner that your whole life isn't about each other and the other decisions that you need to make should only come from you. Making someone your number one thing that you focus on can absolutely ruin not just your relationship with your partner but also with your loved ones. Always be smart about your priorities because, believe it or not, there's actually more important things than being in love. 

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