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Girls, Get Those Killer Abs Just Like Sandara, Anne, Jessy and Coleen!

Girls, Get Those Killer Abs Just Like Sandara, Anne, Jessy and Coleen!

For those who were stunned and gushed when Sandara Park appeared at the 2015 Mnet Asian Musica Awards (MAMA) Awards in a comeback stage with her hit K-Pop idol group 2NE1 in Hong Kong on Wednesday night with perfect, perfectly sculpted 6-pack abs, you don't need to just gaze in awe!


Dara' abs ?? Looks damn cool unnie?? #2015MAMA #Dara #2ne1 #Daraabs #daebak #blackjack #YGstan

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Just like Sandara, girls can achieve such fitspiration goal using the same workout routines, diet regimen, and of course attitude as your cute hottie with their well-chiseled piece. Take a look at these sexy Kapamilya beauties who really made it a point to not only become fit and healthy, but get to the apex of that body wonderland.

Anne Curtis


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Jessy Mendiola



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Coleen Garcia


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Still gushing over their abs? Here's how to make it real, with nine tips to help you attain this fitspiration goal.

First, you have to fix your diet. 

1) Watch your eating habits!

Protein is a definite must in building muscles, and of course, abs! Sugar and fat should be avoided at all times, while reducing calorie intake. 

Do's: Eating lean meat, like beef and chicken, and lean source of protien, such as tofu are recommended. Fruits and vegetables are also a definite must, especially anti-oxidant ones like spinach or berries. Unsalted nuts and seeds and whole grains like oatmeal are also great choices. 

Don'ts: Avoid fast food and shun those candies and sweets. A definite no-no are processed foods like chips or sweet breakfast cereals.

2) You can eat up to 7 times a day, but only small servings of food

These tiny meals can be done frequently during the day, the biggest of which should be at lunch. But, you must avoid eating late-night snacks or taking a meal just before you sleep. In this case, food won't be metabolized and will be transformed into fat, which will make your body bloat.

3) Drink lots of water

Ideally we need to drink about 2.5 liters of water daily. This will make you avoid drinking calorie-intensive alternatives. Apart from water, it is highly recommended to drink green tea but should be sugar free. Green tea is a good source of antioxidants that remove free radicals from your body. A good tip is to drink from a big glass of water before meals so you would eat less.

The most important rule: Shun that soda! Forget about those Cokes or Pepsis that you always thought to be thirst quenchers, even the less or no sugar variants like Coke Zero or Pepsi Max. Again, sugar is what we must prevent from entering our bodies.

Now, here's how you exercise:

4) Do the bicycle routine!

This is a very fast way to get abs. Just lie down on your back, put your hands below your head, lift your legs up, and move them in a circular manner just like you are peddling a bicycle. When a leg goes near your face as you "peddle" touch it with the opposite elbow. For example, when your left leg approaches, hit it with your right elbow.

5) Do a lot of crunches

Another effective way to achieve those abs. You can do it the normal way by laying down flat on your back, putting your hands behind your head or crossed on your chest, lift your legs and bend them at a 60-degree angle. Then try to lift your shoulder blades a bit and feel that "crunch" on your abs. After this put your shoulder back to the ground, exhale and repeat.

You can also do this while using an exercise ball. Just sit on the ball with your feet on the ground while putting your hands behind your head. Then do up and down crunches while having your lower back on the ball. 

6) Do planking

Planking is one simple and effective way to chisel your abs. Just lie face down while resting on your forearms. Push your body up resting your weight on your elbows and toes. Your lower back should be in a straight line with your head and toes. Tilt your pelvis and hold while counting to 20. Then have your lower back reach the floor and repeat the sequence. Your goal is not to bend your body while doing this routine.

7) Do leg raising

You can do this while sitting or laying down on the floor. Just raise your legs up to the tummy level, then lower them but don't let them touch the ground and repeat 3 to maybe 20 times, if you can.

8) Do a lot of running

Go out and run a few kilometers a day with your special someone, or your pet. This is definitely one sure way to get your abs toned.

9) And maybe, avail of a tried and tested TRX workout!

This innovative routine, the Total Resistance eXercise, uses suspension ropes for you to work against your body weight. This has been a good method to build abs.  By having your feet tied to the suspension trainer, you resist its strength by doing a variety of exercises, including the abs-building bench press, planking and crunching, allowing you to build abs faster.




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